About Us
Russian Santa Purveyors
Russian Santa Purveyors is the website to visit if you are looking for the
wonderful and unique hand carved, hand painted
Russian Santas!  Here is
a little information about my company.

I was employed as a Special Education Department Chair for 40 years as a trusted, respected
educator in the public schools of Connecticut.  I retired in June 2015 and am happy to be able to
devote much time now to the Russian Santas!  I hold a doctoral degree and graduated from
Columbia University and have also studied in Munich, Germany and Siena, Italy.   I've lived in
Germany and have backpacked, hiked and climbed throughout Europe for over 45 years.   As a
hobby, I had been interested in
Russian Santas and was fascinated by the intricate hand
carvings and unique paintings by hand by the talented Russian artists.

Eight years ago and many summers since, including this summer, I traveled to Russia and made
contacts with artisans there for the purpose of trying to establish a very small online business.  
Please take a look at some of my offerings and enjoy the photos!  I could also try to obtain a
custom order if a customer had something specific in mind.   I work directly with a Russian carver
and artist.  Some items listed have multiples quantities or can be ordered.

The goal of my small company is to try to find the perfect Santa carving for you and to offer
outstanding customer service!  My hope is that this collection reflects the spirit of adventure that
led to this endeavor.  (Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos)

Since I started this website, I recently developed cancer.  It was a life-changing event for me as it
was very serious and I had to be treated at the famous Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City.
This is one of the very best hospitals in the world for treating patients with cancer -- from my own
personal experience.  I guess you never know what life has in store for you, so please enjoy each
day and be grateful for what you have.
My mini-dachshunds, Emma and Grace, watch me work on this website.
Russian Santas in various sizes
Beautiful Russian Santas with colorful hand painted scenes
The Russian Santas
unique hand carved Russian Santas
Each Russian Santa, or Father Frost,  is carved by hand from a single piece of linden
wood that has been aged for a certain number of years.  The carvers provide the form
for the painter to make the Santa come alive.  The Russian painter makes a very
expressive face, usually with blue eyes, and a flowing beard that is quite long.  With
each stroke of the brush, you can see the Santa come to life.  I personally choose
each Santa that is sold;  I look for ones that are unique and very beautifully crafted and
internationally.  I am sorry, but the shipping costs have
become too expensive.
To contact me directly, please
email me at:
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