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Hand carved, hand painted Russian Santas are featured on my
website and all are made by Russian artisans.  Each beautiful
Russian Santa is entirely hand crafted.
This very small internet company was founded by me to provide an
additional source for collectors of the beautiful hand-carved,
Russian Santas or Father Frost.  All Santas are hand
carved  and hand painted  in Russia and are signed by the Russian
artist.   My goal is to strive for outstanding customer service and an
excellent product.  I will also try to acquire hand carved, hand painted
Russian Santas that are unique or outstanding in their
workmanship.  Each
Russian Santa is a work of art.

You will see many beautiful Russian Santas or Father Frost on this
website that are for sale.  Please be assured that each Santa is
hand-carved from linden wood and aged for a number of years
before painting the scenes and the facial features.  The Santas are
then hand-painted by Russian artists and signed by the artist.  
These are not made of resin and are all carved and made by hand
in Russia.  The quality of these pieces is outstanding.  Please
email me with any specific questions that you may have about an
item.  Click on the thumbnail photos of the Santas on the Santas
For Sale pages to enlarge photos.
tall Russian Santa  with troika scene
Russian Santas with beautiful hand painted scenes of the countryside
Russian Santas with intricate carvings and painted scenes
Russian Santas of different sizes and fairy tale scenes on their cloaks
To contact me directly, please email me at
hand painted and hand carved Russian Santas by different artists
hand painted Russian Santa with sacks and staff
Various sizes and carvings of Russian
Various types of Russian Santa
Natural wood Russian Santa
Russian Santa
hand painted Santa with sack
painted scenes on Russian Santa
Russian Santa with painted scenes on front of cloak
hand crafted Russian Santa
Russian Santa with
Beautiful scenes painted
Russian Santa
Russian Santa of different heights and with
painted pictures on front of cloak
hand crafted Russian Santa
(3 different types)
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