SALE #10
Closeup of carved face of Russian Santa
Thousands of brush-strokes required for the hand painting of this very detailed scene on the front of the cloak of the wooden Russian
Santa.  The artist has used blue as the color scheme for this snow queen flying over the snowy landscape of Russia.  This is a wonderfully
hand-crafted piece of outstanding quality.
This colorful Russian Santa will be an outstanding art work with the two very detailed and high quality
paintings on each side of the cloak.  The blue theme of the Father Frost figure and the cloak is very
appealing to many customers and also is very beautifully painted by the artist.  The large Father Frost
figure depicts the snow queen outside in her sled in the Russian countryside on a cold winter day.  
The Russian Santa by the master carver has a very long and twirling beard and a magnificent blue
robe.  This Russian Santa carving also has an exceptionally beautiful face and bright blue, twinkling
eyes.  The master carver has truly created an outstanding figure!   
smiling, hand carved face of beautiful Russian Santa with long, flowing
white beard and  painted staff
This 14 inch tall hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa has blue as the color scheme for the hand painted scene on the
back of the back of his cloak and his robe.  The
Russian Santa which has been hand crafted by a master carver, measures 8
inches across the base.  The painted scene on  the front of the Father Frost is very impressive and the Russian artist has
painstakingly used thousands of brush strokes to create this scene.  This
Russian Santa has a finely hand carved face and a
most beautiful painting done by hand on the front of his cloak.
There is a large Father Frost with a long white beard, a blue hat trimmed in white fur and along blue cloak trailing to the ground
and trimmed in white fur. He holds a hand painted staff in one hand with bluebirds. The scene that is hand painted on the front
of the cloak of the Russian Santa depicts a villager in a very warm fur coat helping another girl on a reindeer.  This scene
takes place in the Russian winter outdoors in the cold Siberian landscape.  The back of the Santa's cloak is hand painted with
a most beautiful and very detailed scene of the snow queen.  She is pulled in her sled by a white horse over the countryside
of Russia in the winter.  You can see the village scene below as the snow queen is transported above the treetops.  This
Russian Santa is very large and massive in size and girth.  The Santa is a real eye-catcher and very beautifully hand
crafted!  14 inches tall and signed by the Russian artist.
stunningly beautiful Russian Santa with hand painted scenes on each side of the cloak
the hand carved swirling beard and life-like facial features of this Russian Santa captivate the viewer
all the details in the design and hand painted scene of the snow queen on the back of the blue cloak of the Russian Santa
close up of hand painted scene of Eskimo girl and girl on reindeer in very cold Russian countryside
massive and solid wooden Russian Santa Claus holds hand painted staff in one hand
snow queen dressed in white in her sled pulled by the magnificent white horse
the majestic white horse transports the snow queen above the village houses
side view of wooden Father Frost figure and huge cowl on his cloak
Father Frost figure with stand up cowl on his cloak
detailed paintings and designs on the back of the cloak of the Russian Santa
The Russian artist has used
thousands of brush strokes to
complete the scene on the back of
the cloak and also the detail on the
collar and sleeves of the robe.
Fabulous Father Frost with large hand
painted staff in one hand.  His face is
very finely hand carved by the master
Side view of wondrous blue cloak of
wooden Russian Father Frost and the
huge cowl on his cloak.  
14 inch tall solid wooden Russian
has swirling, corkscrew beard
and wondrous paintings on both sides
of his cloak.
Price:  $1100..
The majestic white horse transports
the snow queen over the village
The large hand painted staff in the
hand of the Father Frost has two
merry face of Russian Santa with sparkling blue eyes and snow white beard
majestic wooden Russian Santa Claus stands with his painted staff in his hand
large white fur cowl and white fur trimmed cloak on Russian Santa
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