SALE #11
The art of toy making and hand carving of wooden figures such as the Russian Santa
began in Bogorodsky Village outside of Moscow.  Here in this wood carving village, the
tradition of making toys by hand and carving figures by master carvers is kept alive by the
artisans who live in this region.  It is a full time job to be a master carver and takes years of
learning the trade and traditions of this art.  The master carvers create not only the Father
Frost or
Russian Santa figures, but they also make carvings for the churches.  They could
be working on a commissioned piece for months or even a year.  The carving of the
Russian Santas, depending on the intricacy of the form, could also take many weeks or
months of intensive work.  The master carvers need great strength in their arms to do this
difficult and exacting work.  
Russian Santa!  The history and the tradition of this marvelous and enduring figure can be traced from the time of the beginnings
for the art of wood carving throughout the villages of rural Russia.   The tradition of the St. Nicholas or Father Frost figure
became translated into wooden carvings that were painted by artists in the surrounding villages.  The carvings would be
passed from artist to artist and each one would add their interpretation and work to the piece until it was completed.
dazzling hand painted nativity scene with figures painted in great detail
beautifully carved facial features of this Father Frost figure
finely detailed carving and painting of Russian Santa with nativity scene all around the cloak
detailed close up scene of nativity on Russian Santa with beautifully painted figures and bright colors
This amazing piece has all hand painted nativity figures painted all around
the cloak of the Russian Santa.   
Price:  $199...  This Santa stands 13 inches tall and 7 inches across the
base.  The signature of the Russian artist is on the side of the Santa's cloak.
Russian Santa with
removable sack.
Note:The artist has
carefully placed a faux
leather piece on the base
of the Santa to protect
antique or delicate
wooden furniture finishes.
Finely carved features and beautifully painted face
of solid wooden
Russian Santa
this finely hand carved and hand painted Russian Santa has many scenes of the holy nativity on the front and back of the cloak of the Russian Santa
descending into the Moscow metro
fruit seller in St. Petersburg
Descending into the MOSCOW
Many of the stations are very
deep underground and the
escalators have a very steep
At the open markets you can find cheeses and so many other food items.  Also, you can
find items out on the street from the women sellers, or as you can see here, right from
the window.
reverse side of cloak of Russian Father Frost showing hand painted nativity scene
Nativity scene hand painted on this Russian Santa Claus on front and back of cloak
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