SALE #12
Look at the beautiful scenes on
this hand carved and hand
painted  wooden
Russian Santa!
The amazing Russian
can vary in their
design, dimensions and
paintings from a natural,
unfinished surface with
many fine carvings and
cuts with only lightly stained
facial features to that of the
Father Frost figure with
many and complicated
hand painted scenes.  The
master carver determines
whether the Santa Claus is
to be only one with intricate
carvings or if it is to be
painted when finished.  
Also, only certain master
carvers will produce the
Russian Santas  created
with hand carved designs
all over the figure.  This
requires that the solid
piece of linden wood be
totally free of knots or any
type of other natural wood
imperfections.  It is a very
time consuming task for
the master carver to make
these tiny cuts whichg do
require close up work and
special carving tools.  It
may take hundreds of cuts
to finish this Santa Claus
figure.  For the
that are painted by
the artist, this next step
after the carving is the final
process whereby the piece
is given qualities that make
it a work of art.  The
Russian artist may choose
scenes from fairy tales,
scenes from history or
scenes from nature and the
countryside.   Several
artists may also take part
in the completion of the
work.  A certain artist may
specialize in facial
features, or the painting of
scenes of Russian villages
or children playing
outdoors in the winter
snow.   You may even see
the staff of the Father Frost
figure decorated with birds
or another hand painted
Russian Santas!   Russian Santas!  Here on this page you can see two very different and wonderful examples of
the hand carved and hand painted wooden Russian Santas that are all created from a single piece of solid linden
wood.  The Father Frost figure shown below is exquisite!  There are paintings all around the cloak of this massive
and very solid wooden Russian Santa.  The staff of the Russian Santa is also hand painted with birds and
berries.   The Santa carries a very large sack over his shoulder and this sack has many colorful paintings on it,
too.  The paintings on this Russian Santa represent an entire winter landscape and this masterpiece collector's
item is very finely hand carved by the Russian wood carver.
unbelievalbly beautiful hand painted scene with meticulous details in the paintings
This Russian artist has so very carefully painted
by hand all the amazing details that you see on
the front, back and sack of this beautifully hand
carved Russian Santa.  The artist takes hours,
weeks and even months to design and then
complete all the paintings on the Father Frost
figure.  Some of the details are so tiny that the
artist must use special magnifying glasses to
complete the work.  The master carver must also
devote many hours to the carving of the piece.  He
must choose the best piece of linden wood for the
carving, age it two years and then begin the task
of creating the figure.  Both the carver and the
artist bring life to the figure!
This huge and
hand-painted Russian
Santa is available now
and in stock!  Every
detail is meticulously  
painted on this finely
carved wooden figure.
This magnificent,
museum-quality Russian
Santa is massive in girth and
stands 14 inches tall.
The talents of the Russian artists and the
carvers give life to the Santa!   
beautiful hand painted scenes all around the cloak and wondrous smiling face on this RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS
the paintings reflect such meticulous detail and vibrant colors
Such finely crafted
details in the paintings,
this Santa is truly a
carving for the collector
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