SALE #15
The amazing quality of these hand carved, hand painted Russian Santas will ensure their lasting enjoyment for
many, many years.  Just think of all the work that goes into each hand carved face with all the details in the eyes,
nose and flowing beards of each
Russian Santa.  The carver must take each large, solid piece of linden wood and
then begin to put a personality into the form that he creates.   Some Santas are very jolly looking while others are
more pensive or wistful.  The master carver must decide what his Father Frost figure will become.  He can choose
stout, or skinny or tall or with a sack at his side or over his shoulder.  After the master carver finishes his Russian
Santa form, the artist begins to work to make the form come alive.  The artist gives the eyes of the
 their twinkle or puts a merry smile on the face of the wooden carved Santa.  It is the job of the artist to also
create each scene that might be painted on the cloak and whether to paint a scene on the front and back of the
cloak or on the sack.  The final product reflects both the talents of the master carver and the artist to create one
Russian Santa.    
Look at this beautiful group of hand crafted wooden Russian Santas!  Each one has a wonderfully carved face with fine
facial features and a realistic expression.  What a fabulous display for the collector!  The
Russian Santa is beloved and valued
as a genuine hand-crafted piece of art.  The fact that each one is individually hand carved and made from a single piece of
linden wood makes the Father Frost figure unique.  The Russian artist then chooses a scene to paint on the cloak and perhaps
on the sack.  The back of the cloak may also have a painted scene, or it may be an intricate floral design with flecks of gold or
dabs of paint to resemble tiny jewels.  The
Russian Santa also holds a stick or a staff in one hand as he makes his way
through the forest or the countryside.  
Absolutely stunning Russian Santas
for sale!  Each of these hand made
Father Frost figures is entirely crafted
by hand and made from one solid
piece of the linden tree!  
hand painted Russian lacquer box with kittens in the library
top view of scene of kittens in the library hand painted on lacquer box
the arches of McDonalds in Moscow
sign at museum showing Russian coffee break
"Russian coffee break" at the
Moscow McDonalds
Finely hand crafted Russian lacquer
box with kittens in the library!
finely hand painted Russian lacquer
Price:  $68.for the lacquered box
The Russian Santa has a painting of children decorating the Christmas tree
Look at the magnificent painting on the back of the sack and the Russian Santa!
WOW!  The paintings on this
RUSSIAN SANTA are incredible!!
This Russian Santa stands 12 3/4 inches tall X
7 1/4 inches across the base.  This is such a
masterpiece of painting and carving!  Price:  
$1791.  The Santa carries a large hand painted
sack on his back.
NOTE:  no shipping available from
05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019
NOTE:  no shipping available from
05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019
WOW-- this enormous Russian Santa Clausis 22 inches tall, 18 inches across
arm-span.  Look at the beautiful paintings and the squirrels in each hand.
This Father Frost hand carved figure has a beautiful face and makes a wonderful
collector's item.   FOR SALE RIGHT NOW!!  Please email me for further details on
this HUGE hand carved and unique figure from RUSSIA!
LOOK at this magnificent RUSSIAN SANTA with outstretched arms with baby squirrels on each hand!