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hand carved wooden Russian Santa figures holding sacks and with painted winter scenes
Russian Santas!  Here is a group photo showing the different sizes and carvings that are available for this wonderful and unique hand crafted collector's
item.   The very tall and large Russian Santa with the painted sack hoisted over his shoulder has a beautifully hand painted scene of the Russian
countryside in the winter.  It is very traditional in nature, with the troikas and the church domes and spires in the background.  The blended blue colors of
the sky depict a stormy day on its way with more snow ready to fall down on the country roads.  The
Russian Santa on the far right has all muted blue
tones for the color scheme with a very finely detailed painting of a winter's eve journey through the woods to travel back home after a day's work.  You
can sense how very still and cold it must be on that ride back to the warmly heated home of the person inside the horse-drawn sled.  Each Father Frost
figure has been masterfully carved by hand and the faces are exceptionally beautiful and realistic in their features and skin tones.  
Look at the marvelous white and flowing beards of these Russian Santas!   Each figure is carved very differently and the
expressions on the faces are merry and full of warmth.
This  hand crafted wooden Russian Santa  is quite different in the carving and paintings.  The master carver may have a
vision for his creation and then he begins to carve, without any sketches or prior drawings, and the vision becomes a
creation in wood.  The Russian artist then takes over and begins the process of making the
Russian Santa come alive
through the facial expressions and hand painted scenes of Russian fairy tales or scenes of the countryside.  Each Father
Frost figure may be holding a staff in his hand or a lantern.  Perhaps  the
Russian Santa may have his large sack of toys
poised on his shoulder or by his side.   Most of the figures have twinkling blue eyes, although you may at times find a figure
with brown eyes.  
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The colorful, hand painted and hand
Russian Santas have great
variety in size and in the painted scenes
on the cloaks.  Some of the carved
figures may have an outdoor scene of a
Father Frost with the forest animals in the
snow.  The
Russian Santa could also
carry a very large and beautifully painted
sack close to his shoulder.  Stout
Russian Santas could also be depicted
with hand painted troikas traveling
through the wintry country roads.  The
Russian Santa can also be shown with a
painted bag by his side and a young girl,
the snow queen, wistfully gazing out at
the cold winter day.  A collector of the
Russian Santa figures may want to
include various types of the Father Frost
carvings, ranging from small to very tall
and skinny to stout and broad.     
There are many and varied handicrafts produced by hand by Russian artisans in the toy making region around Sergiev Posad and in the village of Bogorodsky.  
These master carvers and artists preserve the hand-crafted methods from many years ago and maintain the culturally significant art works that are collector's items.  
Russian Santa is an especially beloved piece of art work.  These figures are difficult to obtain and the master carvers do not create them in great numbers
because they are individually designed and carved.  One figure can take many weeks or months to complete.  Also, the linden wood used for the carving must be
properly aged at least two years.  So there are many factors that must go into this process of creating the
Russian Santa.
beautifully hand painted Russian Santa is grouped with other holiday ornaments for display for all to enjoy
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Santa on
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paintings BOTH
SIDES of cloak
Russian troika out on a snowy winter's night
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magnificent Russian Santa with hand painted cloak in ornate details
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Russian Santa
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