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Russian Santas!  Each Santa or Father Frost is hand carved and hand painted.  You can also see the beautiful hand
Russian lacquered brooches .  The lacquered brooches are very painstakingly hand painted by Russian artists
using magnifying glasses to achieve the tiny detail required on these brooches.  Each pin is then given many coats of  lacquer
to give it a high gloss sheen.   Each pin is signed by the Russian artist.  At the bottom of the page you will see various
Russian Santas that are arranged with cranberry wreaths for decoration.  One of the Santas is a hand-blown glass
ornament with the Kremlin and a Matryoska doll.  You will also see on this page Matryoska doll ornaments in a basket.  You
can order the beautiful lacquered  pins  if you would like the brooches in a gift pail with the Nutcracker pictures on the pail, or
in a beautifully designed gift box such as the one pictured here.  There are many and various possibilities and everything can
be individualized to your personal taste and style.
wooden Russian Santa with sailor boy and girl on swing and holiday cranberry wreath
wooden Russian Santa with hand
painted scene of sailor boy and girl on
swing - and cranberry wreath around
Nutcracker gift pail containing original and hand crafted Russian lacquer brooch
Inside this festive painted pail with the Nutcracker motif, you will find a
genuine Russian handcrafted lacquer brooch!   Each brooch is painted by
hand with painstakingly fine brush strokes by the Russian artist.  Then the
brooch is signed on the front of the back by the artist.  A history of the
Russian miniature lacquer painting is also included with the brooch.  This
makes a unique and wonderful gift for the holidays.  Available by custom
order; please just call or email!  The brooches are in stock and available
for immediate shipping.
diverse and richlyhand painted and hand carved wooden Russian Santas in a group photo
huge life size walking Matryoska doll on the streets of St. Petersburg
this sweet little brown Russian bear is drinking juice in the park by the Hermitage
Famous Russian bears of St. Petersburg!
Life size walking Matryoska doll on
the streets of St. Petersburg.
Group photo of the wonderfully diverse and richly
painted, hand carved wooden
Russian Santa.  
Notice the difference in size, carvings and facial
features of each Santa.  The carver and the artist
both personalize these Father Frost figures to
their creative talents.
You can also order a custom made gift pail with the Nutcracker paintings and Russian lacquered brooches inside, or another possibility is one of the wonderfully designed gift boxes.  
There are so many choices to make a unique gift for someone at the holiday season.    A made to order basket can be created to your specifications - please just email me for more
Of course, the best decorations of all are the beautifully hand-crafted wooden
These colorful and festive gift pails can be filled with
holiday decorations.  They look especially appealing
with the Russian lacquered brooches inside.  The
history of the Russian lacquered brooch dates back
many, many years to the village of Fedoskino, where
the origin of the lacquer boxes began.
In Russia, the Epiphany or Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated on January 18 and 19.  This holiday was set by the Julian calendar by
the Russian Orthodox Church.  The Epiphany is also known as Theophany in Russia and is one of the great feast days.  It marks the
baptism of Christ by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.  The old Russian tradition is to cut a hole in the ice of the lakes and rivers in
Russia into the shape of a cross.  The priests then bless the waters and make it holy water before the bathers jump in.  The Russian
people believe that this bathing can impart them with strength, wealth and joy.  Each bather must dip into the water three times.  People
brave these frigid, icy waters to wash away their sins each year at this time.  There are many sites where this bathing takes place in the
waters of Russia.  The lakes and reservoirs are specifically designated for the holy bathing sites.  Doctors and medical rescuers are on
hand near these sites where the bathing is to take place in the event of a medical emergency from the freezing waters.  The tradition is
to cut a hole in the ice, in most instances in the shape of a cross, and then to bathe in these sub-zero waters.  The blessing of the water
is performed on the eve of the feast day and on the Epiphany Day of January 19.  Holy water is then given to the true believers who then
subsequently store it for future use to cure illnesses or to bless themselves.  The temperature of the icy waters can be zero to minus 60
degrees Celsius.  This land of the
Russian Santas certainly has wonderful and rich traditions with religious feast days and other
observances.  Now that the Russian Orthodox Church is again filled with believers and allowed to practice in the open, many of the
former traditions and feast days are celebrated and commemorated by the faithful of the Church.     
Little Red Riding
Hood fairy tale
Russian lacquer
for sale!  
Price:  $129.
Very detailed
paintings -- this is
quite a charming
lacquer box!
finely painted polar bears on each of the 5 nesitng dolls
very pretty faces on this set of 5 nesting dolls
The value of the nesting doll is
based on the quality of the
paintings and the finishing
(shellac).  As you can see,
these polar bears are very
beautiful paintings on eaach of
the 5 nesting dolls.     
Excellent quality, for the
collector.  Size:  6 inches high
I like the faces on these
nesting dolls.  They are
quite pretty and different
from most of the nesting
dolls that you see.  This 7
piece set is for sale right
now.  Very beautiful high
gloss shellac -
Price:  $249.  Size:  8 1/2
inches tall
7 piece nesting doll set for sale!  Very good quality.
NOTE:  no shipping available from 11/08/18
NOTE:  no shipping available from 11/08/2018 -