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These lacquered boxes are usually made of papier
mache (or a combination of olgolite, a synthetic
which is very light and durable).  The layers of
papier mache are then pressed, boiled in linseed oil
and baked in special ovens.  This product is more
durable and lasting than wood;  it doesn't warp or
crack even with temperature extremes.  The
boxes are painted black on the outside and red
inside and highly lacquered with layers of varnish
for a high sheen.  The Russian artists then paint
fairy tale scenes with great detail, often using high
powered magnifying glasses to complete their
The Russian Matryoska doll (Matrioska, nesting) had its start in Abramtsevo, outside of Moscow in the mid-1800's.  There was another center of Matryoska doll making in Sergiev
Posad, the beautiful monastery town.  In the past these nesting dolls mostly depicted women dressed in the traditional peasant garb holding bread or other food items.  
Nowadays, you can find almost any theme or topic represented on the Matryoska dolls.  Some have fairy tale scenes, historical or sports figures, scenes from Russian life or
famous architectural landmarks in Russia.  The nesting dolls can also be found in sizes of 3, 5, 7, 10 or greater up to 40!  All the dolls are made by hand and each one is hand
painted, at times with the use of a magnifying glass when the picture is very detailed.
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different view of lacquer box
painting of sleepy puppy and kitten on Russian lacquer box
painting of white dog with kitten on lacquer box
different view of painting of Russian lacquer box
Russian lacquer box - sleepy puppy and kitten
Price:  $68  (4 inches X 2 inches) Signed and
dated by the Russian artist.  Entirely hand
made and hand painted.
Russian lacquer box - white dog with kitten
Price:  $68.  (4 inches X 2 inches) Signed
and dated by the Russian artist, all hand
made and hand painted.
Russian Santa figures and the Russian lacquered boxes reflect very detailed and painstaking carving and artwork.  Each piece takes weeks or months to
complete from start to finish, depending upon the complexity of the piece.  Many of the scenes painted on the lacquer boxes and cloaks of the
 are from Russian fairy tales.  Very recently, I have been able to obtain these lacquer boxes with the puppies and kittens.  The Russian Santa is a
particularly beloved figure and is very popular in the United States and Europe.  Many collectors wait for newly carved and painted figures to be
Moscow, Russia street scene
Look at what I
happened upon in
Russia.!  What a
Photo op!
blue colors nesting dolls - 5 piece set
beautiful paintings on nesting dolls 5 piece set
high lacquer sheen Matryoshka dolls 5 piece set
MATRYOSHKA 5 piece doll sets - exceptionally high quality, beautiful lacquer sheen, fairy tale
scenes on dolls.  FOR SALE NOW - in stock and available for mailing
Matryoshka doll - 5 piece
set, beautiful paintings and
lacquer sheen.  Very high
quality set.
Price:  $179.
Matryoshka doll - 5 piece
set, very beautiful winter
scenes hand painted,
high quality sheen
Price:  $179.
Very beautiful paintings
and high gloss lacquer on
this Matryoshka 5 piece
nesting doll set with fairy
tale scenes.
Price:  $179.
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