SALE  #2
Absolutely the most intricate hand  carving of a Russian Santa!   This Russian Santa is all hand-carved from linden wood and has just minor color
hand-painted on the facial features.  A most unusual and unique hand carved Russian Santa for the collector. 15 inches tall and 6 inches across the
base, this Father Frost is carrying a removable bird in his hand.  This is a very special piece not too widely featured at other websites.  Signed by the
Russian artist.  This type of very intricately carved wooden Russian Santa is more difficult to create because the master carver must have a solid piece
of linden wood that is totally free of any knots which would make the carving impossible.  The outstretched arm of the Santa also makes it more difficult
for the carver to complete.  This is a particularly large and impressive piece.
Price:  $1050.
You can see two very different examples of Russian Santa
on this page.  The Father Frost figure at the top is all natural
without any painted scenes on it.  The carver has first chosen
to makes intricate carvings all over the cloak of the
in a rich design.  Only the face reflects a small amount of
paint to show facial skin tones, eyes and mouth.  The Russian
Santa below has intricately painted scenes and figures on both
sides of the Santas.  The Santa Claus carries a lantern and a
You can see the inside of the Russian house with the little girl
waiting for her gifts.
Each Russian Santa reflects many weeks or months of work by both the master carver and the
artist.  The master carver creates unfinished forms that he then sells to the artist.  It is very rare
that the carver would paint his own forms.  Usually the master carvers are so busy with orders
that the wait time for a completed figure may be several months or more.  After the artist buys the
forms, the work then begins to decide which color scheme to use, what scenes to paint on the
cloak and then what expression to give to the face.  The artist can give even greater
interpretation to the hand carved wooden
Russian Santa with the choice of the scenes on the
cloak.  The artist can choose scenes from Russian fairy tales or folklore and depict village life in
the Russian countryside.  Other choices the artist can make include pictures of Father Frost with
the snow maiden in the wintry forest.  You can also see scenes of the snow queen in her majestic
sleigh in the air above the villagers' houses.  Each
Russian Santa is truly a work of art!     
face and details all
over cloak all
carved by hand by
master carver
all hand carved and very detailed natural finish wooden Russian Santa
Fabulously rich detailed carvings on this very tall
15 inch Russian Santa holding bird and staff, price
Did you know that the Russians can enjoy the wonderment of two
Christmases?  Yes, it is true.  This occurs due to the past tradition of observing
Christmas on January 7th.  Now, many Russians also celebrate on December
25th, too.   
Did you also know that the Russians have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate New
Year's twice?  They celebrate on the 1st of January and again on the date of the old
New Year's Day on the 14th of January.  The Russian New Year could be considered
in many ways to be somewhat alike to the celebration of Christmas, but it's done with
a Russian flair!
Ushanka hats for collectors of wooden RUSSIAN SANTA
natural wooden beauty shows on this intricately hand carved RUSSIAN SANTA
If you live in an area with cold winters, then this Russian Ushanka
hat is for you!  So warm and furry!
NOTE:  No shipping available from 11/08/2018 -
NOTE:  no shipping available from 11/081/2018 -
very ornate and intricately painted cloak on this RUSSIA SANTA
beautiful and ornate cloak or RUSSIAN SANTA
BOTH spectacular huge RUSSIAN Santas for sale right now!  
IN EACH HAND (shown below)- 18 inches arm-span, 22 inches tall