Russian Santa from master carver in Bogorodsky Village outside of Sergiev Posad.  It takes great strength to carve these
Santas out of a single piece of aged linden wood.  The carver must also have a steady hand when he is creating the features
on the face.  This
Father Frost has a very beautiful and expressive face with a long, flowing  beard.  Look at the picture that
the Russian artist has painted on the front of the cloak!   You can see the entire village, including the domed church, in the
background.  The detail of the facial features is fabulous!  This is an example of a very finely and exquisitely hand carved
This Santa stands 12 inches tall by 6 inches across the base.  Signed by the Russian artist.
close-up of face of Russian Santa with beautiful hand painted and hand carved details
Russian lacquered box with dog and cat
very detailed painting of dog and cat on Russian  lacquered box
RUSSIAN SANTA carved by master carver!  Stunning, finely carved by hand 12 inches tall by 6
across the base.  Very beautifully carved expressive face. Signed by the Russian artist. SOLD!  This
Santa is traveling to CA.
Russian lacquered boxes with
cat/dog pictures finely hand painted,
signed and dated by the artist.  
These lacquered boxes measure 4
inches across and 2 inches high.  
All pictures shown are available in
very limited quantities.   Please
email if you are interested.
All of these beautiful Russian Santas and lacquered boxes were personally chosen by me in Russia this summer.  I traveled through the Russian
countryside to meet with artists and carvers to discuss ideas for figures and paintings.  The
Russian Santa figures are carved entirely by hand by
very skilled and master carvers in Russia.  You can judge the quality of the
Father Frost figures by looking at the facial features and the paintings.  
Some of the
Russian Santas have paintings on the back of the cloak or paintings all around the Santa.  For other Santas, the most impressive part
is the very finely carved face or the techniques used to paint the floral cloaks where the artist applied a white glaze over the colors to create an
opaque look.   The
Russian Santa can be tall and thin, or quite broad and massive in size and weight.  
Extremely detailed paintings of dog and cat on Russian lacquered boxes
fabulously detailed painting of countryside in the winter with domed church and
large hand carved Russian Santa by master carver with hand painted winter scene by Russian artist
Hand carved and hand painted wooden RUSSIAN SANTA with troika and large sack
Russian troika gliding through the countryside with laughing bears
hand painted winter scene on the front of cloak of this finely carved wooden RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS
NOTE:  no shipping available from 05/08/2018 -
Russian troika hand painted on front of Santa's cloak
Adorable Russian bears hand painted on cloak of Santa
children selling fir trees and onion-domed church in background