Russian Santas
for sale #21
Beautiful hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa.  This Father Frost figure is entirely carved by hand by a master
carver in the Sergiev Posad region.  It is carved from a single piece of aged linden wood.  The front of the Santa's cloak
has a wonderful painting of two children making a snowman.  You can see the Russian countryside in the background on
a snowy day.  The sack that the
Russian Santa has hoisted over his shoulder also has a scene painted on it.  The scene
depicted on the Russian Santa's sack is a village on a winter day.  This intricately carved
Russian Santa stands 12
inches tall and 6 inches across the base.  He carries a removable staff in his hand.  The face of this
Russian Santa has
wonderfully expressive eyes and a long flowing beard. The Santa is signed by the Russian artist.  
back of cloak with painted sack
hand carved features on face of Russian Santa
back of cloak with sack
The Russian artist has painted designs on each mitten and a snowflake
pattern on the cloak   SOLD and going to CA   
Each master carver has his own unique style of carving.  The faces, the cloak, the placement of the sack and the overall
girth of the Santa are all individually determined and created by the carver.  When asked if there were any female master
carvers, the reply was that it took great strength in the arms to carve the figures from the linden wood.  Observations made
in the summer of 2009 did bear out this fact as the sinewy, muscular arms of the carver honed out the form of the
When the painter chose to design a floral background on the cloak of the
Russian Santa, as much effort and detail was put
into the painting of that cloak as with a scene.   Some artists even use a specialized technique whereby a type of opaque
haze is placed over the colors and this creates a transparent second coating over the original colors.
 Each hand carved,
hand painted
Russian Santa is a work of art and an expression of the artist and the carver.
wonderful and expressive face, beautiful paintings on this hand carved wooden Russian Santa figure
beautiful and serene hand-carved face of Russian Santa figure
side view of Father Frost carving with sack hoisted over shoulder
Please just gaze upon the beautiful
and serene face of this Russian Santa!
side view of Father Frost figure
showing large hand-painted sack
hoisted over shoulder
Each of the three RUSSIAN SANTAS
on this page is a work of art that can
stand alone all year on display.  The
hand carved features, the paintings
and the beauty of the figures
creates this total masterpiece of
Russian work.
Winter scenes hand painted on this RUSSIAN SANTA carving!
hand carved wooden RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS with girl looking out window with her pet kitten, Santa is holding a bird in one hand and a wooden staff in the other hand
This wooden Russian
Santa Claus carries a bird
in one hand and a staff in
the other hand.  FOR
NOTE:  no shipping available from
11/08/2018 - 12/09/2018
a squirrel in each hand, outstretched arms with beautifully painted cape, this RUSSIAN SANTA is gorgeous!