Santas for sale #22
This magnificent Russian Santa has hand painted scenes
on both sides of the cloak, painted in a circular format all
around the cloak.  There are numereous  decorating
possibilities using the wondrous wooden Russian Santas
as the centerpiece in any room.  The merry faces on the
Russian Santas are sure to delight young and older folks
alike and draw attention to the unique holiday decorating
in your home.  
 Centerpieces can be created for the
kitchen around festive bowls of fruit and nuts with holly
garlands around the base.   You can place the
underneath a Christmas tree among the presents.
Russian lacquer box with painting of tabby cat and sleepy puppy
Russian lacquer box - tabby cat and sleepy pup
Price:  $68.  (4 inches  X 2 inches) Signed and dated by the Russian artist.
Russian lacquer box - dog and cat
Price:  $68.  (4 inches X 2 inches) Signed and dated by the Russian artist.
The many and diverse types of Russian Santa that are hand-carved by the master carvers each show that carver's depiction of the Father Frost image.  Some
carvers give the Russian Santa face a very jovial smile and twinkling eyes so that the Santa appears to be ready to hand out gifts!  Other carvers make the Santa quite
tall and thin and the face is also carved with great detail, with tiny grooves in the long flowing beards.  The artist then takes over and makes the
Russian Santa come
to life with all the detailed work that is done on the eyes, mouth and cloak of the Father Frost figure.  The artists may use pencil to lightly sketch in the outline of the
scenery and figures or the artist may just directly apply the paint to the linden wood carved form.  Nowadays, the artists use a matte finish for most of the
forms, but you can still find some figures with the high gloss lacquer finish.  Because the linden wood is aged for approximately two years or more, it is highly
impervious to any cracking or warping and your
Russian Santa  will last for many, many years of enjoyment.          
Russian lacquer boxes -
two beautiful examples
of the hand-made papier
mache boxes that are
painted by hand by the
Russian artist and then
many layers of a high
gloss lacquer are
delicately applied.  These
boxes are all dated and
signed by the artist.  
Dimensions:  4 inches
across by 2 inches high.
The town of Sergiev Posad, where these RUSSIAN SANTAS are all hand carved,will soon be ready for the  snow of the winter for 2018/2019.   A
bit more about the traditions of the Russian Christmas and New Year:  one of the most important features of the holiday season for Russians is
the celebratory feast.  This takes place on New Year's eve and includes the preparation of traditional dishes such as pickled foods, meats,
potatoes, various vegetables and salads, breads, fruits and nuts, mushroom soups,  and of course many sweet desserts and both alcoholic and
non-alcoholic drinks.  
A note about other Russian foods:  everyone associates the
blini with Russian cuisine.  These ubiquitous pancake type
Russian treats are so much more delicate and come in so many
variations that one can be astounded by the assortment
present in a restaurant!   The blini has its origin traced back
over 1000 years, so there is much history and tradition
associated with this beloved food in Russia.  It can be seen as
similar in scope to the American hot dog as a fast food and
favorite of almost everyone.  The blini can be compared to the
much cherished crepes originating in France, which are also a
very thin pancake type food that is very popular as street food
or restaurant fare.  Both the blinni and the crepe are very thin,
unlike the American or Dutch pancakes which are thicker in
substance.  The blini can have almost any type filling such as
caviar, sour cream, smoked salmon, or anything else that is
favored!  Also, the blini is usually made from buckwheat flour
with the addition of yeast as an ingredient to make it so light in
consistency.  Blini are in great demand at the Russian holiday
time of Maslenitsa, or "butter week," which is further explained
on this website.  When in Moscow, one can find blini stands all
over the street corners or at the shopping malls in the food
courts.  Another favorite is the syrniki which have the
additional ingredient of tvorog, or a fresh type of curd cheese
in the recipe.  You can go pancake hopping throughout
Moscow and try the various types as you merrily sample each
 colorful and high lacquer shine on the nesting dolls
beautifully varnished
and hand-crafted
nesting dolls are all
available and in stock
right now!
NOTE:  no shipping available
05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019
paintings are on both sides of the cloak of this magnificent Russian Santa Claus!
This Santa for sale
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very finely hand crafted Father Frost carving with landscape scene on front and back of cloak
jewel-like painting on back of cloak with wondrous hand painted scene of winter forest in Russia
Magnificently hand painted and
hand carved wooden Santa Claus
from RUSSIA!
Jewel-like painting on back of
cloak and beautiful landscape
scene of the Russian countryside
in the winter.
now, in stock