Russian Santas
for sale #23
Beautifully hand crafted Russian Santa made from aged linden wood and hand painted by a
Russian artist.  This Father Frost figure is carved entirely by hand from a single piece of
linden wood.  Notice the fine details the master carver created on the face of the
.  The artist then painted a wonderful picture of a girl gazing out the window on a snowy
day with her cat sitting next to her on the ledge.  This
Russian Santa is also holding a
removable bird in one hand and a removable staff in his other hand.  The back of his cloak is
also painted with painstaking detail in the design.  
All of the Russian Santas offered on this page are hand-carved
and hand-painted with great detail and show much expression on
the faces and in the scenes on the Santa figures.  The back of the
cloaks of the
Russian Santa have various floral patterns.  You can
even find differences in the hat on the Russian Santa figure.  
Some have hats that are tilted to one side, while others have hats
that stand up or drape over the back of the head.  These finely
painted Russian Santas are all available for sale.
Russian Santa with
bird and staff, 13
inches X 5  1/4
inches, signed by the
Russian artist.  Price:  
Russian Santa holding
tree and staff with
laughing bear in troika, 12
inches X  5 7/8 inches,
signed by the Russian
artist.  Price:  $519.  
Russian Santa holding lantern with
painted sack, 11 inches tall X 4  1/2
inches, signed by the Russian
artist.  Price:  $519.
precious Russian Santa with laughing bear in troika
Russian Santa with painting of girl gazing out window
Wooden Russian Santa with large sack over shoulder
RUSSIAN SANTA with spectacular paintings of Santa and reindeer, children decorating tree
Santa Claus with reindeer
Spectacular paintings on both sides!!
NOTE;  no shipping available for any items from
05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019
NOTE:  no shipping available
05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019