Santas for sale #24
Absolutely massive, very tall 17 inch X 8  3/4 inch  Russian Santa hand crafted in Russia!  The master carver has done a
spectacular job on this very special Father Frost figure.  The very highest quality and workmanship can be seen in both the
hand carving and hand painting of the
Russian Santa.  Just glance at the beautiful hand carved face and notice the realistic
details in the nose, eyes, mouth and beard of the wooden Russian Santa.  This hand carved wooden Russian Santa also has a
large sack over his shoulder and the front of his long cloak depicts a Russian winter with a troika traveling through the
snow-covered roads.  The richly painted details in this picture show domed cathedrals, houses, troikas and a colorful winter
sky.  The mittens of the
Russian Santa  and the back of his cloak are both painted a bright red with many designs painted on
each.  This is a very beautiful
Russian Santa with many stunning details and exceptional quality.  Truly a masterpiece item!
Huge Russian Santa, 17 inches tall, with wonderful and detailed scene
painted on cloak and excellent workmanship.  Price:  $949.
Signed by the Russian artist.
Santa gazing
out at you!
very gentle looking and finely hand carved face of Santa with detailed
and hand painted sack
.  The history of the samovar goes back centuries in Russia.  It literally means self boiler and heats water used to
make tea.  It was heated using charcoal or coal, although today's modern samovars use electricity.  It may have
been introduced into Russian from West Mongolia in the 17th century.  Then in the 18th century, devices that
were similar to the samovar appeared.  It was essentially a teapot with a metal tube inside and was heated by the
charcoal so that the water inside stayed hot for the tea.  The Russian tradition of tea-drinking began and the
samovar became very popular.  Samovar manufacturing and craftsmanship of very ornate and beautiful samovars
began to profligate.  Samovars could be made from metal, silver or brass.    Folk traditions continue today and
samovars still are manufactured and used in Russia.
museum quality hand carved and hand painted Russian Santa
delicate beauty of hand carving of face of Russian Santa
Russian Santa holding large hand painted sack over his shoulder
wonderfully detailed back of cloak of Russian Santa
The carving and painting of this RUSSIAN
SANTA is truly incredible!  It is a stand-alone
piece of art for year round display.  
HUGE 17 inch tall Santa!  Richly
painted scene on front of cloak
This Russian Santa is one
of my personal favorites!  It
has everything:  scene of
troika in the winter, huge
sack on the Russian
Santa's shoulder and
beautiful, expressive hand
carved face.
see if you can find the almost hidden Russian priests in the foliage in St. Petersburg
Very realistic and kindly- faced wooden Russian Santa with winter
scene of Father Frost on the front of the cloak.  The Santa holds a
staff in one hand and a lantern in his other hand.  He has a long,
flowing white beard.
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St. Petersburg on a sunny day in July 2014
Santa Claus with staff and lantern, and painting on front of cloak of Father Frost
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