Santas for sale #25
Father Frost figure with tree and sack
Just gaze upon this intricately hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa to notice all the special details:  the removable tree in
one hand, the very large sack with the angels, and the paintings all around the cloak in a circular pattern.   The master carver
has certainly created a Father Frost figure that is exceptionally captivating.  Imagine the carver creating this
Russian Santa
figure out of a single piece of linden wood.  The linden wood has been aged for two or more years before the carver can even
use the piece.  Notice the finely carved details in the face of the Russian Santa.  His expressive eyes and wistful look evoke
memories of a long trek through the snow to deliver the presents for all of the children.  The artist has thoughtfully painted
scenes on the front of the cloak of children frolicking in the snow while building a snowman.  It is a cold winter day in the
Russian countryside and you can see the snowflakes falling down.  This incredible wooden
Russian Santa would be a great
addition to any collection.     
14 inch tall Russian Santa, 6  1/2  inches across the base.  Hand made, hand painted and
signed by the Russian artist.  Price:  $885.
side view of hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa with tree in hand
finely carved features on
face of
Russian Santa
side view showing hand carved,
hand painted Santa with fir tree in
Really beautiful and richly detailed Russian lacquer box.  This box measures 4  5/8  inches X 1  3/16  
inches.  You can see the Russian countryside pictured in this hand painted scene.  There are many coats
of finely applied high gloss lacquer that give this box its polished look.  Signed by the Russian artist.  Price:  
Very detailed Russian lacquer box!  Picture of kittens hand painted and then many coats of a high gloss lacquer
are delicately applied to the box.  Size:  4 inches X 3 X 1  1/4.  Price:  $68.  Signed and dated by the Russian artist
The artisans and craftspeople of Russia maintain traditions and old world methods of producing the most beautifully hand made items for
collectors!   On this page you can view several different pieces of hand made Russian art work.  The magnificent and highly sought after wooden
Russian Santa is entirely made by hand and begins the process with the proper ageing of the linden wood in single pieces over a period of a few
years.  After this process is completed the master carver can take over and begin his artistic journey with the piece of solid wood.  The carer
typically creates a figure that has  a removable staff in one hand and a sack hoisted over his shoulder or by his feet.  The wooden
Russian Santa
always has a long flowing and wide beard that is intricately carved.  As you notice the facial features look for finely detailed carvings for the
nose, mouth and eyes.  When the artist takes over for the hand painting of the Father Frost figure, he or she begins the process of making the
Santa come to life.  The eyes are usually very expressive and blue in color, the cheeks are rosy from the outdoors, and the
Russian Santa has a
cap or hat on his head.  The artist then chooses the color scheme for the cloak and may then add a picture or scene from the countryside in the
winter or from the Russian fairy tales.
large wooden Russian Santa Claus with huge painted sack!
This Russian Santa has such beautiful
paintings on the front, back and all over the
large sack.  His face is most beautifully hand
carved with a wistful look.
view of back of hand painted sack and cloak of large Santa Claus
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05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019  
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really tall Russian Santa with paintings of troikas on cloak
17 inches tall and for
sale right now on page