Santas for sale #26
Hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa.  This fabulous hand crafted Father frost figure has a
sack over his shoulder and a wooden staff in his hand.  His  flowing white beard comes down
almost midway on his cloak.  The hand painted scene on the front of the cloak required very
meticulous attention to small details by the Russian artist.  On this cold winter's day in the
countryside, the people merrily coast along in the troika.  The very expressive face on the Santa
carving has especially beautiful eyes painted by the artist.
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The Russian Santa represents a tradition of finely hand carved and hand painted workmanship that
can still be found outside of Sergiev Posad in the small village of Bogorodsky.  This village has
been producing wooden toys and hand carvings and is famous for the excellent and outstanding
quality of the figures.  The master carvers take much time to create and carve each figure.  They
alway use a single piece of aged linden wood and the larger the piece, the more difficult the
carving of the figure.  Each
Russian Santa is unique in its form and final painting by the Russian
It is an old Russian tradition to celebrate January 7th as the Russian Orthodox Christmas.  And in addition to the New Year's celebrations on
January 1st, many Russians also commemorate January 13th as a second New Year's celebration with friends and family.  The reason for
this second New Year's holiday is that originally on the Gregorian calendar, this was the date for the Russian Orthodox church to
celebrate.  So the New Year's can again be a day of festivities to meet with friends and family for the night of January 13th to the 14th.  It is
the holiday to once again meet with friends and to toast with drinks and wonderfully prepared foods.   
It is also important to remember that the holiday of Christmas was denied to the Russian people for many years under the Communist rule.  
Although people may have celebrated in their homes, it was not the public tradition and many of the Russian people growing up in those
years were not at all accustomed to these celebrations of Christmas and religion.  That is the reason that New Year's still remains a very
large celebration and holiday in Russia because it was allowed in that time period.
Now, the tradition of the
Russian Santas  are very popular throughout Russia alongside the Christmas and New Year's celebrations.  
Although the collecting of
Russian Santas remains more popular with people from other countries, the Russians also are buying these
beautiful, hand crafted figures.  
These two Russian Santas on this page are both hand carved and hand painted
by skilled artisans in the woodcarving villages outside of Sergiev Posad.  Each
carver and artist individualizes the Father Frost figure with his or her own
interpretation and artistic flair.
magnificent Santa Claus with outstretched arms
such a tall Russian Father Frost figure all hand carved and hand painted, really great addition for a collector!
HUGE, really tall RUSSIAN SANTA is a
delight to behold!  Great collector's
piece to add - this is a beautiful Father
Frost figure!   FOR SALE ON PAGE 42
troika gliding through the Russian countryside
This very beautiful hand
carved piece is for sale right
now on page 31