Santas for sale #27
Hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa holding large lantern in one hand and staff in his other hand.  This beautifully hand crafted
Father Frost figure is carved entirely by hand from a large, single piece of linden wood that has been aged for approximately two years
or more.  The master carver has finely honed the face to create a merry, smiling face.  The Santa's beard is full and flows over his
cloak.  The scene that the Russian artist painted depicts the countryside at sunrise on a winter's day.  The villager in the sled is going off
to a day's work over the snow-covered roads.  The artist has painted the back of the cloak with a floral design in reds and gold.   The
lantern in the hand of the wooden
Russian Santa is removable.  The Santa stands 12 inches tall and 6 inches across the base.  
hand carved wooden Russian Santa form before painting
custom order of wooden carved Russian Santa
Custom Order:   Steps that occur in a custom order are outlined below.  This custom order shows the finished carved
Russian Santa form.  The customer had an idea in mind about a particular type of Santa figure and submitted several pictures
to me of the forms that he thought he would like carved.
The next step occurred when I emailed the pictures to the artisans in Russia.  While we both waited, we weren't sure that the idea
could be created into a Santa.  The master carver took all the pictures and then did create a form that outdid our expectations.  As you
can see, this
Russian Santa figure is absolutely beautiful.  It's very unique and special to this customer.  The following step after the
carver finishes his work is for the Russian artist to start to think of ideas on the form.  The artist takes over where the master carver
left off and finishes the on the form.  The artist takes over where the master carver left off and finishes the  figure so that it  figure so
that it
Russian Russian comes to life!  It takes great artistic talent to make the face and skin tones lifelike and to paint some of the
miniature comes to life!  It takes great artistic talent to make the face and skin tones lifelike and to paint some of the miniature scenes on
the cloak that are constraints of the amount of space available on the carved wooden
Russian Santa.      
The last step is the customer's final approval.  Without that, no sale is considered final.  The ultimate goal of my company is to achieve
total customer satisfaction and to add a figure of lasting value and enjoyment to his or her collection.
Please view the completed pictures of the finished
Russian Santa below!  This is an absolute masterpiece for the collector
Beautiful wood
12 inches X 6
inches.  Price:  
wooden Father
Frost figure
holding lantern
exquisite Russian Santa with large sack filled with toys and carving a wooden Santa form
reverse view of carver Santa sitting on a tree stump
painting on cloak of large Russian Santa with Father Frost carving a miniature Santa figure
close -up image of Father Frost figure holding a tiny carved Santa
large carver Santa sitting on tree stump with paintings all around
You can see the fabulous results of the completed carver Santa custom piece here in these photos.  The Russian Santa
has paintings "all around" the cloak from front to back, which is a difficult task for the artist.  On the bottom there are
figures of ice skates in the snowy village in the countryside.  The top painting depicts a Father Frost carving a Santa figure.
The artist has skillfully painted so
many colorful winter scenes on the
cloak of this magnificent and massive
carving of a
Russian Santa.  The
Santa figure is holding smaller Santa
that he has carved.  On the back of
the cloak, you can also see the
scene of the Father Frost with the
smaller carved figure and the boy
holding a
Russian Santa figure.  In
the toy sack there are many hand
carved and hand painted miniature
toys, ornaments and a Matryushka
doll.   This Santa is a masterpiece of
art work.
Very impressive and huge Russian Santa sitting on a tree stump, carving
a smaller Father Frost figure
Father Frost, girl with bird and skaters are
painted on cloak and stump of Russian Santa
massive in size wooden Russian Santa with mural-like hand painted scenes all over the cloak
extremely detailed and rich painting of Father Frost surrounded by children and their toys on a cold winter's day
stout Russian Santa holding staff and with a very large sack hoisted over his back
scene painted on Santa's sack of girl gazing out window on a winter's day
This incredible painting created by the Russian artist is on the back of the cloak of the Russian Santa.  The
detail of the figures is amazing to see and this Santa Claus is in itself a work of art.  The children are clothed
in the typical dress of the villagers.  They are all bundled up against the cold.  The little girl on the sack of
the Father Frost is happily gazing out from her warm perch by the window.  
Just look at the detail in this corkscrew white beard of the
massive wooden
Russian Santa.  This Santa Claus stands
14 inches tall and is a very wide 9 inches across the base.  
The master carver has spent many hours on this fabulous
carving.  Then the Russian artist has taken over and has
labored many long hours with small brush strokes to create
this masterpiece of Russian art.  
Price for this masterpiece Russian Santa Claus:  $1991. Signed by
the Russian artist. SIZE:  14 1/2 X 9 inches tall.
Massive in girth and size!  Very heavy - solid linden wood.
FOR THE COLLECTOR - quality of paintings superb, extremely high
Bright blue
eyes and a
brilliant white
and curling
beard denote
this Father
Frost as very
cover this
Santa entirely!
wooden Father Frost figure holding lantern
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