Santas for sale #28
Just take a look at this fabulous hand carved, hand painted wooden Russian Santas below.  These beautiful hand
carvings each reflect the style and vision of both the master carver and the Russian artist.  
Notice the differences in the facial features, the expression of the Santa Claus figure, the colors in the paintings
and so many other individualized features.  
The wooden Russian Santa illustrates some of the traditions of Russian culture through its depiction of scenes of
classic Russian fairy tales or scenes of the Russian countryside and villages.   Troikas can be seen gently coasting
through the snow-covered roads on a bitter cold winter day in Russia, or you can also see scenes of village life or
cathdrals with the onion domes.    Each
Russian Santa is an expression of the creative talents of the master carver and
the artist.
very sweet expression on face of this Russian Santa with paintings on BOTH SIDES of the cloak
The smiling Santa Claus carving
seen in the photo below is for sale
right now on page 60
fabulously hand painted wooden RUSSIAN SANTA figure!  Wow!
AVAILABLE wooden Russian Santa figures!
All hand carved, hand painted from RUSSIA.
Santa above for sale on PAGE 14
beautiful hand carved Russian Santa Father Frost figure with children and angel on cloak