Santas for sale #29
Two magnificent wooden hand-crafted Russian Santas are shown on this page.  Each Father Frost figure is carved entirely
by hand from a single piece of linden wood.  The artist has painted scenes on the front of the cloak of the
Russian Santa.  If
you look closely at the facial features you will see the care that the master carver has taken to create a lifelike face and
expression on the Santa.  The artist has then added the colors to make the figure appear even more realistic, with rosy cheeks
and realistic skin tones.  Both carvers have chosen a different interpretation of the Father Frost figure in terms of size, shape,
facial features and beard.  Each wooden hand carved, hand painted  
Russian Santa carries a removable staff in one hand.  
The Father Frost figures are signed by the Russian artist.   
picture of Father Frost with children receiving gifts under the Christmas tree
children receivng presents from Father Frost
detailed scene hand painted on front of Russian Santa cloak
Russian lacquer box with hand painted scene of firebird
hand made Russian lacquer box with birds flying
Beautiful, hand-crafted Russian lacquer boxes!  These miniature boxes are made entirely by hand from paper mache and then given many
coats of high gloss lacquer for a brilliant sheen.  The method of production of these boxes makes them impervious to warping or cracking.  The
Russian artists use magnifying glasses for the tiny details in the scenes.  Each box has vibrant colors and scenes from fairy tales or folklore.
Hand crafted items continue to be made in the villages and regions in Russia.  Master carvers, artists and other artisans hand craft the lacquer
boxes, matryoska nesting dolls and the
Russian Santa.  These artisans may spend weeks or months on a single piece, depending on the
complexity and size of the item.  Some large or complex pieces can takes many months of intensive work to produce the finished item.  The master
carver of the
Russian Santa needs both strength and artistic ability to create the hand carved Father Frost figure.  The artist must be creative and
talented to be able to paint the beautiful scenes on the Russian Santa, the lacquer boxes, or the matryoska nesting dolls.      
detailed scene hand
painted on front of
cloak of
with red robe
of Father Frost and
little children
reaching for
11 X 6 inch tall Russian Santa with sack at his side.  Father Frost with children receiving presents under the tree.  Signed by the Russian artist.  
Price:  $399.
7 X 1  1/2 inch Russian lacquer box made entirely by
hand, painted and signed by the Russian artist.  Price:  
7 X 1  1/2 inch Russian lacquer box hand made and
hand painted.  Signed by the Russian artist.  Price:
All hand carved and hand painted
Russian Santas are fabulously
detailed and with rich, vibrant
colors. Size:  12 X 5 1/2 inches tall
to top of hand holding lantern.
sweet faced precious Russian Santa holding lantern
rosy-cheeked Father Frost from Russia
beautifully hand carved face of Russian Father Frost
This Russian Santa is available now and
in stock
Price:  $539.
high gloss sheen on nesting doll with Father Frost theme
Price:  $249.
Size:  8 3/4 inches tall,
7 piece set
NOTE:  no shipping
available from
05/10/2019 -
06/10/2019  for any
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