Stunning 18 inch hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa with removable 8inch high bear!  The bear is attached to
the Russian Santa by wooden pegs carved on the bear.  The Santa's hand just touches the top of the bear's head to
look like he is petting the bear.  This Father Frost has paintings all around;on the front you can see two children and a
tree with angels up above on his multi-colored cloak.

The cloak is painted with the night sky at the top with snowflake designs.  Then the middle portion of the Santa's cloak
contains the section with the two angels flying down to earth.  The lower portion of the cloak depicts the snowy
village with the children by the pine tree.  On the back there are two children with their mother standing by a fir tree
with an angel in the sky.  Truly a beautiful, remarkable and large piece!  This bear is so cute and the Santa is so
endearing that it really is a collector's item.  Signed by the Russian artist.
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The hand painted scene on the front of the Russian Santa cloak and the very large sack depict the Russian countryside in the cold, cold
winter.  There is plenty of snow for the village children to have a happy day outside sledding.  This Russian Santa has a beautiful white beard
and wonderful colors on each hand painted scene..  The Russian artist has chosen to depict village life on a winter's day.  The details in the
paintings are the most amazing feature of this
Russian Santa.  This Father Frost figure can be displayed year round as a work of art.  The
Russian artists can spend one or more months designing and painting these figures to truly make them come alive!  
Little bear holding painted
sack, very finely hand
carved free standing bear
that goes next to the
Russian Santa.  This bear is
holding a sack with a hand
painted scene of two little
birds on a wintry day
perched on branches.  The
hand of the Father Frost
figure is touching the top of
the bear's head.    
village children with little boy pulling girl with a small Christmas tree on a sled through the countryside
This beautifully hand
Russian Santa
Claus has such great
detail in the paintings
on both the front and
back of the cloak.  It
can stand alone as a
work of art!  The
children on the sled
with the kitten and the
bird are sledding on a
snowy day and all
bundled up against the
cold, frosty air.  The
wooden Russian Santa
holds a bird in one
hand and a removable
staff in his other hand.  
He stands 12 inches
On the face of the Russian Santa, you can see the snowy white beard
and the bright blue eyes that have been so carefully painted by the
Russian artist.
This impressive Father Frost figure is carved from one
piece of solid linden wood.  The bear is carved from a
separate, solid piece of wood.  The
Russian Santa
stands an impressive 18 inches tall!
18 inch tall
SANTA!  Paintings
both sides of
SANTAS: Paintings
on front and back
of the cloak!
Amazing TWO PIECE set includes Russian
Santa and the Russian bear at his side!
beautiful hand painted Russian Santa with children on sled
18 inch tall Russian Santa with bear
Russian Santa with nesting doll lacquered brooches at his side
NOTE:  no shipping available from 05/10/2019 -
NOTE:  no shipping available from 05/10/2019 -