Santas for sale #30
This RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS is a 13 X 5 inch tall hand carved, hand painted wooden carving carrying a bird in one hand and
a decorated staff in the other hand.  The master carver has created a very beautiful face and long beard on the Father Frost
figure.  The hat is slightly tipped to one side and painted with colorful details.  The Russian artist has used the most beautiful
colors for the sunset with a medley of muted pinks and blues blended together with the falling snowflakes.  The winter scene
shows a troika with a laughing bear inside going through the countryside.   You can see the village and a snowman on the back
of the cloak.  The paintings go all around the Santa in a circular pattern so that it is one continuous scene.  This
Russian Santa
would look very majestic in a holiday centerpiece on a table or other piece of furniture.   
The Russian artist has carefully created a joyful
winter scene of a troika gliding through the village
on snow-covered roads with a very merry bear
laughing all the way home.  This scene is sure to
please everyone with its beautiful colors and
amusing painting of the laughing bear in the troika.  
You can view the scene from any angle because it
is painting in a circular pattern all around the cloak
of the
Russian Santa.
The hand carved, hand painted wooden Russian Santas and matryoska nesting dolls are from Sergiev
Posad, a city outside of Moscow.  Sergiev Posad  is famous for its monasteries and wood carvers and is
part of the Golden Ring towns.  Most of the wooden children's toys, carved Father Frost figures and
matroyska dolls are made and painted here.  Sergiev Posad attracts religious pilgrims as well as tourists to
its beautiful monasteries.  The first matryoska nesting doll was said to have originated in Sergiv Posad.  
Many painters of the matryoska dolls and the
Russian Santa live in Sergiev Posad and its surroundings.   
The Russian artists work closely with the master carvers.  They may specify certain facial expression to be
carved, or formations of the figure.  Many of the Russian artists also like to have the front of the cloak flat and
with a large space for the painting.  It can be difficult to create a circular painting all around the cloak when
the wooden form that the carver had made allows the artist to do so.  Then, the artist must continue the scene
in its entirety, rather than painting two discrete scenes on the front and back of the cloak.  Whenever
possible, it is much more highly desirable to have paintings on both sides of the cloak.  This will be more
costly, but then you can view the artwork from all possible angles on the RUSSIAN SANTAS.     
close-up of Russian Santa hand painted on cloak and wearing a bright red robe
Beautifully hand painted Russian Santa with scene painted all around the
cloak of the Santa.
12 inch tall hand carved wooden
Russian Santa with children
throwing snowballs on the front of
the cloak and a large Father Frost
carrying a heavy toy filled sack on
the back of the hand painted cloak.
This exquisitely hand painted Father Frost figure on
the back of the Santa cloak shows a sack
overflowing with toys for the children.
Price:  $529.  Stands 12 inches tall, signed by the Russian artist
Each amazingly different Russian Santa on this page
has the finest of hand carved features.  The hand
Russian Santas feature the most detailed
paintings for the facial features and for the scenes on
the cloak.  The
Russian Santas may also carry a bird
in one hand and they almost always have a staff at
their side.  The wooden staff may be ornately painted
to resemble jewels or it may be a simple but gnarled
walking stick.  
The softly muted and blended colors in the hand
painted sunset are circular and go all around the
cloak of the
Russian Santa.  The artist has also
created snowflakes over the sky..  There is a
snowman and you can see the homes of the
villagers, all snow-covered, and welcoming in the
coming darkness of the night.  All of the hand
Russian Santas depict some scene from
Russian life or fairy tales, or Russian traditions.  
The Father Frost figure also holds a staff in one
hand and a a wonderful brown bear holding a
sack is fully detachable from the Santa figure. .  
There are pictures on both the front and back of
the cloak.
Different views of circular pattern on cloak of
Russian Santa.   The snowflakes are falling
from the sky in the snow-covered village.
fabulous hand painted scenes on both the front and back of the cloak of children playing outside on a winter's day in Russia
Little Russian children throwing snowballs on front of Father Frost cloak and large Russian Santa carrying heavy toy filled sack on the back of cloak
beautifully detailed hand painted RUSSIAN SANTA with toy sack
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Tall Russian Father Frost with detachable bear
hand painted scenes on both sides of cloak