Santas for sale #31
Two fabulously beautiful hand carved, hand painted wooden Russian Santas are each hand crafted and richly detailed.
The first
Russian  Santa shown below has a huge backpack filled with toys on his back.  The face of this Russian Santa is
very detailed and finely carved by the master carver.  The Father Frost figure has beautiful blue shimmering  eyes and a
flowing, full beard.  The facial tones and rosy cheeks of the Russian Santa are very realistic and he has a benevolent look to
his beautiful facial features.          
The second
Russian Santa also has an exquisitely hand carved face and a wonderful winter scene with a troika on his
cloak.  The Russian artist has added such fine details to the painting of the figures and the rich colors of the sunset.
Russian Santa hand been hand carved using special tools and designed by the master carver.
This fabulous Russian Santa has  a sack hoisted over his shoulder and a
staff in the other hand.  The troika is traveling through the Russian
countryside in the winter snow at sunset.  The artist has taken great
effort to show small details in the picture and has use beautiful colors to
depict the winter scene.   This Santa stands 11.5  X 6 inches and is
signed by the Russian artist.
Price:  $459.
Russian troika navigates the snowy countryside on a winter's day
close up of hand carved face of wooden Santa Claus
troika on a snowy day in the winter time in a small Russian village
decorated staff, large backpack full of toys and paintings all around this oustanding Russian Santa work of art
the Russian winter can be seen in all its glory on this painting of a village scene and skaters on the back of the cloak of the carved Russian Santa Claus
The art of carving the wooden Russian Santa has evolved over the
centuries.  The Santa Claus predecessor was the Ded Moroz who
visited the children and gave out presents.  Nowadays you can see
many Father Frost figures, but during the time of communism, this
was not a common sight.  People now have the freedom to pursue
religion and to celebrate the Russian Orthodox holidays.   
the beauty of the carving of this face of the Russian Santa can be seen in this close up photo of the Santa Claus and his hand painted staff
details can be seen in the finely carved white beard and facial features of this solid wooden Father Frost figure
reverse view of large backpack brimming over with toys and skating scene hand painted on the back of the cloak of the Russian Santa
Santa's large backpack of toys will delight all the children in the village
This very solid and stout of stature wooden
Russian Santa will take your breath away!  The
face is carved with absolute beauty by a master
carver in the villages outside of the holy city of
Sergiev Posad.  You will notice that the painting is
circular and goes all around the cloak of the Father
Frost from front to back.  The toys in the sack are
removable and can be arranged in any order that
you prefer.  Signed by the Russian artist.  Price:  
12 inch tall hand carved wooden Russian Santa is very wide in girth
The face, large hat and sack of the Russian
Claus can be seen in this close up and side
Many toys and other household
objects fill the backpack of the
wooden Father Frost.
These happy children are whizzing down the snow covered hills on a
very cold day in winter in a small village in Russia.  This circular
painting goes all around the cloak from front to back.
Russian troika in
the snowy
rich and detailed paintings and beautifully hand
carved face on this magnificent
expressive face on this finely hand carved Russian Santa with painting of troika in the winter snow
snow white flowing beard on this hand carved wooden Russian Santa as troika glides through the snowy countryside
Russian Santa with hand painted scene of troika
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available from
05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019  
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