Santas for sale # 32
This large and magnificent hand carved Russian Santa has a wonderfully painted scene on the back of the cloak of the
Russian countryside in winter with the gathering at the market.  The Father Frost figure has a hand painted scene of beautiful
little Russian children dressed in traditional folklore costumes.  The back of the cloak is painted with great detail in the design.  
The face of the Russian Santa is exquisitely carved by hand by the master carver.   The face on this Father Frost is very
beautiful; look at his rosy cheeks and lifelike expression.    The Russian master carver and the artists have also created two
other Russian Santas that are displayed on this website.  You can view decorating ideas for the holidays.     
This amazing wooden Russian Santa in the photo directly above is entirely carved by hand and painted by hand in
Russia, in Sergiev Posad.  The artist chooses the blank forms from the master carver and then decides which theme
or pictures to paint on the form.  The artist has created a huge Father Frost in the wintry landscape of the Russian
countryside.  The artist then puts a very light matte finish over the paintings which further enhances their beauty.  
This piece is a real work of art and has so many paintings on it that you can look at it for quite a while!   Each piece of
solid linden wood is artfully hand crafted into these beautiful
Russian Santas.
festive scene of village life outdoors on a frosty day in the Russian countryside
this hand carved and hand painted wooden Russian Santa is covered with art work all over on both sides of the cloak and on the large sack that he carries on his back
Russian villagers outdoors in the snow and dressed in colorful traditional outfits
close up detail of the many villagers gathered for a festive occasion outdoors
The wooden hand carved and hand painted Russian Santa stands an impresssive 14 inches tall and is very wide in
girth.  This massive and solid wooden piece is covered with very detailed and colorful art work that is worthy of
museum display for traditional Russian arts and crafts.  The tiny detail of the winter outdoor scene and the
figures have been created using special brush strokes and very close up work with magnifying glasses.
In the distance, you can see the
colorful blue and gold domes of the
church and other buildings of the
colorful garb of village men,
women and children
Market day in the village
with the display of
wondrous and silky cloths
and materials to be made
into costumes for the
people of the neighboring
The 14 inch tall huge Russian Santa Claus
has amazingly detailed paintings all over
from the sack to the front and back of the
form.  Price:  $993.  SIgned by the Russian
Colorfully hand painted
Russian lacquer miniature
box with high gloss sheen -
4 X 2 inches, signed by the
Russian artist.  Price:  $68.
playful kittens romp in basket on Russian lacquer miniature box
three colorful kittens play in this hand painted scene on the Russian miniature lacquer box
huge and massive in girth wooden Russian Santa with fabulous hand painted scenes all around the cloak
This Russian Santa is carrying a fir tree and has a staff in his hand - paintings on front and back of cloak!
paintings all around this huge and magnificent Russian Father Frost
reverse view of hand painted scene of village market day in the winter in snowy Russia
Have you ever been inside the enormous GUM
shopping center in Red Square, Moscow?
This huge emporium of luxury stores has constantly
changing displays of flowers and merchandise.  
You can even get delicious ice cream treats or a
sit-down meal.  There is an "historic toilet" in the
basement!  There is also a luxury food hall with
many delicious Russian goods to choose from.
huge and gorgeously hand carved, hand painted RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS
This huge Santa Claus is for sale on
page 4!!  Available now!
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