Santas for sale#33
This stunning and huge  Russian Santa will really stand out in any collection!  The Father Frost figure is 15 3/4 inches tall X 7
inches across the base.  The hand carved wooden Russian Santa is truly a work of art.  The large sack by the Santa's face
has a hand painted scene of an angel.  The Santa has paintings on the front and the back of his cloak.  The Russian artist has
created scenes in the winter snow of the Russian countryside with children and Santa sliding down a hill and having fun.  The
hand painted scene on the sack shows a wintry day with lots of snow and a church in the background.  One of the best
features of this hand crafted wooden Russian Santa is his very beautiful face.  The lifelike skin tones and the fine features all
make this Santa a fabulous piece.  This huge Santa would make a great centerpiece on a table or a showcase for viewing.
huge wooden hand crafted Russian Santa with large painted sack and paintings on both sides of cloak
side view of painted sack and cloak of wooden Russian Santa
hand painted scene of angel on back of Russian Santa cloak
close up view of winter scene hand painted on sack of Russian Santa
This huge Russian Santa stands 16 inches tall and is very majestic!  He
holds a staff in one hand and has a very large hand painted sack with a
scene of a winter day.  This Santa is entirely hand carved from a single
piece of aged linden wood.  The artist has then interpreted their viewpoint
onto the hand painted scenes on the cloak and sack.  The face of the
wooden Russian Santa is outstanding in its facial tones and features.   
Enormous 16 inch tall hand carved and hand painted wooden Russian
Santa with large sack and paintings on both side of cloak, signed by the
Russian artist.  price:  $741. Size:  15 3/4 X 7 inches
side view of
painted sack
of Russian
This massive wooden Russian Santa has paintings on
both sides of the cloak and a painting on the sack.  The
artist has used beautiful colors to depict the winter
scenes and the designs on the cloak.
hand painted scene of angel in clouds
on back of Russian Santa cloak
reverse view of back of sack of
Russian Santa with hand painted
winter scene
hand painted scene of children on sled in the
snow on back of cloak of Russian Santa
wonderful, smiling face of tall wooden hand carved Russian Santa
close up of finely carved face and painted sack of Russian Santa
detail from hand painted scene of Father Frost and children on sled
close up of finely carved and painted face and
sack of
Russian Santa
details from hand painted scenes on front and back of Santa's
large toy sack
Just a note to Russian Santa collectors about the Russian Orthodox
celebration of Easter:
This holiday is celebrated by the religious and the secular in
Russia.  It is the biggest holiday celebration after New Year's and
lasts the longest beginning with Lent.  The Russian Easter is
celebrated later than in the West because the dates are determined
by the old Julian calendar as compared to the Gregorian calendar of
the West.  Lent lasts 40 days and is marked by fasting which is
called "post" in Russian.  This period of fasting is much more strict
and comprehensive as the participants are not supposed to eat
dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, olive oil and also abstain from
drinking alcohol.  At the very beginning of this Lenten period there
is Forgiveness Sunday.  This is when the Russian people will
"forgive" or ask for forgiveness of their friends and family for any
real or assumed offences.  Then Palm Sunday is called Pussy
Willow Sunday.  The reason is that palms are not readily available in
Russia, but the pussy willow branches are easily found.  At the
churches, the pussy willow branches along with burning candles
are given to the celebrants to take home.  These items are usually
then placed in the icon corner of the house to decorate the icons
and left there for the year.  After that, on the Thursday preceding
Easter Sunday, this day is called Clean Thursday when everyone
will then clean their house.  This tradition is followed by the dying
of the Easter eggs, which in the past were mostly dyed red, to
commemorate the blood of Christ.  Nowadays, many other colors
are also used to dye the eggs.  The women also began the baking of
the sweet cakes and other foods.  Both the cakes and the eggs
could then be brought to the church on Saturday to be blessed.  
Some of the Easter cakes are called paskha and kulich.    The kulich
is a traditional sweet Russian type bread studded with raisins and
other fruits.  the paskha is like a cheesecake.
The Russians have many rich traditions and cultural heritage that
those of us who are interested collectors of the beautiful RUSSIAN
SANTAS can enjoy and appreciate.    
massive wooden Santa with huge sack over shoulder
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