Santas for sale # 35
These Russian Santas are carved by different master carvers and painted by various Russian artists.  Most of the carvers and
artists live in the area of the Sergiev Posad countryside.  This region has produced toys, Matryoska dolls and carvings for many
years.  There are many artists living here who paint the pictures on the Russian Santa forms.  The faces, painted scenes and
the sizes of the wooden Russian Santas all differ but they are all made from real linden wood and each one is hand carved so
that no one Santa is exactly as the other.  An authentic master carver will take time to carve the form and will want to create a
piece that is lasting and a work of art.  The artist then paints scenes from Russian fairy tales or from the countryside.     
The Russian culture abounds with the richness of the fairy tales and fables that adorn the lacquered boxes and hand  painted scenes on the Russian Santas.  
You can read the fairy tales and then look at the illustrations in the books and find the same scenes painted by the artists of the Russian miniatures (lacquer
boxes or eggs).  Popular scenes from the fairy tales or from Russian folklore and village life often are depicted on the front of the cloak of the
Russian Santas.  
You may find pictures hand painted by the Russian artists showing village people with samovars or ushanka hats and valenki boots treading through the snows
of the harsh Russian winters.   Many collectors of the
Russian Santa look for certain scenes or types of paintings on the cloak or sack of the Father Frost.
dog ans kittens hand painted miniature Russian lacquer box
all hand crafted Russian lacquer miniature box with high gloss sheen
Russian lacquer miniature box!  4 inches X 2 inches and all hand made and hand painted.  These are painted using a series of
magnifying glasses.  Signed by the Russian artist.  
Price:  $68.  These lacquered boxes make beautiful gifts at any time of the
Amazingly hand carved all natural wooden Russian Santa with intricate carvings all around
beautiful and expressive face of hand carved wooden Russian Santa holding large sack with carvings
fabulous and very tall 16 inch  hand carved Father Frost carrying large sack and staff
all natural finish Russian Santa for the collector!
Wonderful and charming Enormous all natural finish Russian Santa!   This huge Santa stands 16 inches tall.  His face is very
realistic as expressed by the master woodcarver.  The Russian artist has lightly painted the face to add more details and facial skin
tones.  The woodcarver has used up every space on the cloak and the sack to make rich carvings with such minute details that it is
amazing to see this piece!   This Russian Santa can be displayed year round to appreciate its natural beauty.    Price:  $1299.
huge flowing white beard on this magnificent Russian Santa!
TALL 16 inch Russian Santa with
intricate carvings all around!
The sweetly hand
carved face on this
will enchant those
who gaze upon
him!  He holds a fir
tree and a walking
stick.  FOR SALE on
page 56
wondrous winter scene in the forests of Russia
This Huge
Santa is
for sale
on page 4
NOTE:  no shipping available from 05/10/2019 -
NOTE: no shipping available from 05/10/2019 -