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The history of the Russian Santa goes back to the beginning of the 20th century and the tradition of the Father Frost.  This
character would come to each house in Russia bearing gifts and a fir tree.  Of course, the Father Frost could not appear at
each house of every child in Russia;  so the children knew that if they found gifts under the fir tree in the morning, then that
had meant that Father Frost had visited their house at night while they slept.  In many houses, there was a toy Father Frost
made out of papier mache or plastic under the fir tree.  This symbolized the Father Frost arrival with the gifts and tree.  
hand blown glass ornament of Russian Santa with St. Basil's Cathedral
In the village of Bogorodsky, about 300 years ago, the history of the wooden carved Russian Santa began.  This wood carving village is
located in the Moscow region, outside of Sergiev Posad.  The villagers there designed these simple moving wooden toys that were very
delightful to children.  Subsequently, factories were established to produce these and other toys.  Master carvers began developing other
wooden toys and carvings.  It is not exactly known who created the first hand carved Russian Santa, however, it was made here in
Bogorodsky village.  It is said that it all began with a Matroyska nesting doll where an artist had painted the face of a Russian Santa on the
dolls.  Then someone asked for a carving of the Father Frost figure, and so the tradition began.      
This hand-blown glass ornament is a Russian Santa holding a Matryoska doll in one hand and with a figure of the St.
Basil's Cathedral at his feet.  The Father Frost figure is hand made in Poland by glass blowers.  The size of the figure is a
large 7 inches tall.  Price:  $44.95
Russiian boy and girl selling Christmas trees in front of kremlin walls
view of back of cloak of Russian Santa with tobogganers, cross country skiers and beautiful scenery in the winter
Russian bears sliding down the snow covered hill in the wintry countryside of Russia
Here you will see a scene of the
children in front of the kremlin walls.  
You can see the brightly colored
domes of the church sparkling in the
falling snow.  The children are trying to
sell their trees before the holiday
begins.  The
Russian Santa has bright
red sleeves and a red cap with white
fur trim.  His red mittens seem to outline
the scene on the front of the cloak.  
The artist has deftly blended the scene
from front to back and all around the
sides.  This is an amazing and
wonderful piece of art work!   
Just look at the amazing scene on the back of the cloak of the Russian
.  The famous Russian bears are toboganning down the hill while
skiers slide by and villagers walk or cross country ski across the fields.  
The Russian artist has added such fine details to her painting with the
little birds and other forest shrubbery.
These Russian children are standing outside the kremlin walls, selling their fir
trees for Christmas Eve and New Years.  The children are all bundled up in
warm coats, mittens, muffs, boots, hats and scarves.  The snow covered
streets add a festive touch to the holiday scene.  You can see the domes of
a church behind the kremlin walls.  This colorful scene  is painted all around
the cloak of the
Russian Santa in a circular pattern.  This type of painting is
very difficult to create.  On the back of the cloak you will see Russian bears
and skiers on the hilly snow-covered countryside.   The size of this
Russian Santa is 12 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches wide at the base.  All hand
crafted, with carving by hand from one solid piece of linden wood.  The
artist has then hand painted everything on the Santa form to make him
appear so realistic.  
Price:  $659.. Signed by the Russian artist.  
Look at the finely carved details on the face of this
Russian Santa!  You will see his very wonderful
and flowing beard trail over his cloak right until the
beginning of the painted scene of the Russian
Even the staff of this
Russian Santa has a
painted bird on it!  Price:  $529.
The Russian bears appear to be having a fun day out in the cold fields of the countryside.  They are
warm because they are cloaked in winter clothing and the fabulous Russian fur hats.  
The Russian Santa is a beloved figure for
collectors all over the world.  These unique and
precious carvings with their hand painted
scenes of Russian life or fairy tales have
become more popular over the years.  The
faces of the Russian Santas are carefully
carved and can be smiling and benevolent, or at
times more stern or serious.  Each one is
special to that carver and his view of the
Father Frost figure.  There are some carvers
who make very detailed cuts and designs with
special tools and painstakingly carve out the
entire front and back of the cloak of the
Russian Santa.  These particular Santas are
then either lightly stained or left in their natural
wood color, with the facial features then only
lightly painted for details.   The artists are the
ones who will then bring the Santa to life by
their choice of colorful painted scenes and the
facial expressions.  Each Santa is then signed
by the artist on the bottom of the figure or on
the side of the cloak.  The carver does not sign
or carve out his initials on the piece.  Most of
Russian Santas carry a staff in one hand.  
Many of the Father Frost figures have a sack
over their shoulder or a lantern in one hand.  At
times, you may find a figure with a bird on the
shoulder or perched on the hand.  The Russian
artist may also express their creativity through
the painting of the beard of the Russian Santa.  
The artist may choose to place small birds, or
berries or tree branches inside the beard.  
These colorful additions to the beard are quite
lacquered box with two kittens playing
Very detailed and hand painted scene of kittens
playing on Russian lacquer box.  Price:  $68.
Signed by the Russian artist.
In January, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the Epiphany with many
Russians taking dips in icy water, with the ice carved in the shape of a cross.  
Children at kremlin walls with fir trees
white and brown Russian bear cubs on toboggan
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