Santas for sale # 37
Tall 14  inch tall wooden Russian Santa!  This ornately carved Russian Santa Claus carries a lantern and a colorfully painted staff.  He has
a 7  1/2 inch tall hand carved brown bear at this side.  The Father Frost figure is carved entirely by hand from a single piece of aged linden
wood. The Russian bear is also carved from a single piece of wood. The Santa has a beautiful face with wistful blue eyes and the Father
Frost figure has a companion bear as an extra piece to be attached by a wooden peg.  The face of the Russian Santa Claus is lightly
painted for the facial features.  This
Russian Santa has paintings on both sides of the cloak.  The artist has hand painted scenes all around
the cloak of the
Russian Santa.  Imagine the number of brush strokes required to complete all of these paintings by hand!  The Russian artist
has signed the Santa on the bottom of the piece.    
Beautifully carved and finished Russian Santa carefully created  by master carver!   What a wonderful, smiling face and gentle expression on this
Father Frost from Russia.  
This exquisite Russian Santa that has paintings all around and in such great detail is not as common as Santas with one painted scene
on the front of the cloak and then a floral design on the reverse side of the cloak..  The linden wood must be totally free of any knots
or imperfections so that it does not obstruct the paintings.  The artist must design and paint in a circular manner which is more
difficult to execute than a separate painting that does not extend to the back or sides of the cloak.  This require more work on the part
of the artist.
Group photos of Russian Santa figures!   These hand carved and hand
painted Russian Santas are made from solid linden wood and wonderfully
detailed in their design.
The legend of the Russian Santa Claus, or Ded Moroz, began in pagan times.  The Ded Moroz brings presents to the children in person, not during the
night when all the children are asleep.  The Ded Moroz, or
Russian Santa,  is always accompanied by his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden.  She is called
Snegoruchka and is dressed in white clothing and robes.  The
Russian Santa has a long fur coat which can be red,  blue or other colors.  He wears a
round fur hat, valenki (Russian boots) and has  along staff or walking stick which is sometimes referred to as magical.  
Obama Matryoska Nesting dolls to commemorate his visit to Russia
Church of the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg with fabulous detail and colors in the domes and spires
various hand carved figures in Wood Carving in Russia
example of hand carved items in Wood Carving Museum in Russia
real Russian bear in St. Petersburg
Obama nesting dolls to commemorate his visit to Russia in July 2009
fabulously detailed Church of the Spilled Blood
Real Russian bear in St. Petersburg!
hand carved toys and figures in Wood Carving Museum in Russia
hand carved figures in museum in Russia
large hand carved bear in childrens toys in Wood Carving Museum in Russia
another example of a hand carved bear in the Wood Carving Museum in Russia
spires on churches punctuate the skyline in Russia
Domes on Russian
punctuate the
fabulous photo of Russian bear cub in St. Petersburg
woodsman in wood carving museum in Russia
Santa figure in wood carving museum in Russia
Russian bear cub in St. Petersburg!  
Santa and woodsman figures in Wood Carving museum in Russia
photo of portrait of Alexei, son of
Czar Nicholas II
large Russian Santa carrying lantern, staff and brown bear at this side
both sides of the Russian Santa cloak are painted by hand with winter scenes of Father Frost
wistful eyes of the hand carved and hand painted wooden Russian Santa
large carved brown bear stands at the side of the Russian Santa
Large wooden Russian Santa carries
a lantern in one hand a staff in his
other hand.
famous Russian brown bear at the
side of the Russian Santa
Father Frost and an angel on the
back of the Santa's cloak
This wonderfully hand crafted Russian Santa has it all:  a
carved bear by his side, a beautifully carved and expressive
face, and paintings on both sides of the cloak!   Wow!  This
Santa is great!   There is a lot to view with this Santa Claus
figure.  Father Frost adorns both sides of the cloak.  One of
the hand painted scenes is indoors at Christmas time and the
other scene is outside on a winter's day.  You can see
decorated fir trees and gifts under the tree.  Father Frost in
the painted scenes is bundled up in a blue cloak with fur
trim.   14 inches tall!  Price:  $621..
reverse side of Russian Santa carrying lantern and with bear at side
RUSSIAN SANTA with bear at his side - two piece sest!
NOTE;  no shipping available from 05/10/2019 -06/10/2019