Santas for sale # 38
This very impressive  Russian Santa is entirely hand carved and hand painted.  The master carver has created an exceptional piece
with this Father Frost figure.  The Russian Santa has such fine details in the hand painted winter scene in the countryside. . Both the
artist and the carver have worked together to create this holiday masterpiece to add joy to the festive season!     
These four Russian Santa figures are entirely carved by hand by a master carver and
then designed and painted by an artist in Russia (signed by the artist on the bottom of
the Santa figure).  Each face on the
Russian Santa is meticulously carved with special
tools and then finely hand painted for details and realism in facial tones.  The villagers
on the second
Russian Santa are dressed in traditional garb in the Russian
countryside.  On the large Father Frost figure at the top, there is a hand painted scene
of Father Frost in the snowy woods of the Russian countryside.   All of these Russian
Santas are perfect for the collector to display!    
Wow, this Russian Santa
Claus has a beautiful
painting of a troika in the
Russian countryside in
the winter.  For sale on
page:  page 31
Note for collectors of RUSSIAN
SANTAS:  these Russian fur
hats called Ushanka are so
warm for that freezing winter air.  
I wear one here in Connecticut
when I am taking winter walks in
the hills or shoveling snow!
huge Russian Santa Claus with Father Frost in winter scene
This huge Santa pictured above can be
seen on
page 4  for sale right now!  Very
impressive Santa Claus carving!!
Santa Claus carving holds fir tree in one hand, staff in other hand, and has painting of snowman on front of cloak
This adorable wooden RUSSIAN SANTA is available
for sale on page 14!
He holds a staff in one hand and a fir tree in his
other hand.
large sack with fine details in the painted scenes
beautifully hand carved and hand painted RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS
the staff of the RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS has finely hand painted red birds
a huge and wonderful Santa Claus carving for the collector
RUSSIAN SANTA!  Wow, this huge Russian Santa
Claus has such beautiful hand painted scenes
that go all around the cloak in one picture!
This is a very high quality piece, for the
collector.  The master carver also has created
quite an exquisite face, with such fine details in
the features.  
The large sack and the back
of the cloak have detailed
painted scenes
The villagers are outside on a
winter's day, in the very cold
snowy weather.
The staff of the RUSSIAN
SANTA CLAUS has red birds
painted on it for added details.  
This is a very fine piece for the
wonderfully hand carved and hand painted Russian Santa with troika scene