Santas for sale #39
At this time of the upcoming New Year 2017, the beautiful hand carved, hand painted wooden Russian Santas look so festive as
part of any decorating for the holidays and for permanent display!   The Father Frost, or Ded Moroz has his origins dating back to
pagan times.  In Russia, Ded Moroz is similar to Santa Claus in that he gives presents to the little boys and girls for Christmas.  He
delivers these presents in person, unlike our Santa who comes down the chimney in the middle of the night while the entire
household is asleep.  Ded Moroz hand delivers his presents to the children.  He is assisted and accompanied by his granddaugher,
Snegoruchka, or the Snow Maiden.  The Russian Santa, or Ded Moroz, is dressed in a long coat or robe which can be blue, red or
other colors and is trimmed in fur.  He wears a round hat, usually trimmed in fur.  He carries a magic stick, or walking stick.  He does
not have reindeer pulling a sled but travels in a troika with three horses.  His official residence in Russia is in the town of Veliky
Ustyug.  The Orthodox Russian Christmas is celebrated on January 7, although some people also celebrate on December 25th.  
wooden Russian Santa with painting of sailor boy and girl in the snow
detail in close-up of children on swing in the snow on cloak of Russian Santa
This Santa is in stock right now!  There are three available:  one with the staff in the
right hand and sack over the left shoulder, and vice versa.
The smiling face on this hand carved wooden Russian Santa is very expressive and adds to the beauty of this Father Frost figure. SIZE:  12 X 6
inches tall
very merry Christmas scene with red cloaked Father Frost and children
very finely carved and hand painted face of wooden Russian Santa with expressive blue eyes and full white beard
various sizes and painted scenes of wooden Russian Santas
three different Russian Santas with painted sacks and lantern
hand painted scenes on wooden Russian Santa figures and intricate carvings all around
very beautifully
hand carved face
of wooden
Russian Santa
with blue eyes and
full white beard
Group photo of three different Russian Santas:  
one carrying a lantern, and two with sacks with
hand painted scenes.
Different types of Russian Santa figures with hand
painted scenes on cloak and intricate carvings
This Russian Santa has a red cloaked Father Frost giving presents to happy
children under the Christmas tree
(FOR SALE p. 29)
These wooden Russian Santas all have beautiful
hand painted scenes and are carrying sacks,
staffs, lanterns or trees.
Here is a bit more about the tradition of the Russian Christmas and New Year's holiday...
During communism, all the people were atheists as proscribed by the government.   Of course, they could secretly celebrate
and pray.  The different religious calendar now shows that Christmas is on January 7th, although between December 25 and
28th, the people usually put up fir trees in their homes and decorate the trees with brilliant tinsel and other ornaments.  Perhaps
some Russians decorate with the beautiful carved wooden
Russian Santa, too!  Fir trees are sold in the marketplace in the
towns or cities.  On New Year's Day, the biggest celebration, people gather for festivities at the house of relatives or friends.  
Tables are set with wonderfully prepared meals of different types of food platters with hot and cold foods along with
champagne and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Fireworks are displayed at midnight and bells ring out.  Toasts are
made to each other and to the new year, and older folks still keep up the tradition in some areas of playing the accordion in the
street.  All night long the fireworks can be heard until the early hours of the morning.  The next day, many people go ice skating,
skiing or take walks in the countryside or the city.   
The final holy day celebration is on January 18 and 19 for the Kreshchensky bathing or the Epiphany.  On this day all the true
believers in the Russian Orthodox faith go to church to receive holy water and blessings.  Tens of thousands will even jump into
ice holes carved into the shape of a cross to celebrate the baptism of Christ in the Jordan River.  There are over 30 bathing
places in the Moscow environs where this takes place.   There is even a huge tub set up in the center of Moscow for the
faithful to take part in this religious ceremony by going  into the tub and then receiving blessings.  
decoration for the holidays
Santas for sale #39
Price for the Santa above:  $549 each - please just specify in your
order which Santa you would like from the three available, with
the staff and sack on the right or left side. One of the 3 Santas is
a night view.- please just email before purchasing.
gorgeous SANTA CLAUS carving
very beautiful Russian Santa carving!
huge Santa with sack on back
Exquisite carvings, real linden wood, hand painted.
NOTE:  no shipping from 05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019
huge and outstanidng quality of this hand-carvewd, hand-apinted wooden RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS