This 15 inch tall hand carved, hand painted Russian Santa measures 8
inches across the base.  The hand painted Father Frost on the front of the
Russian Santa has a long, flowing blond beard and a blue and red cloak
with a large collar with white fur trim.   .

A beautiful, snow laden fir tree is directly behind the Father Frost.  It
appears to be night time with the stars out and the moon in the sky.  The
back of the Santa's cloak is painted red with a detailed design.  Notice the
very beautiful face of the Santa; he has an exceptionally full, flowing
beard and a wonderfully expressive face with beautiful features.  His hat
is also painted with great detail and has glitter to resemble jewels.  Signed
by the Russian artist.
price:  $617.
Huge, spectacular hand-carved wooden Russian Santa with
hand-painted picture of Father Frost on front of cloak.   Very
substantial size and weight of this figure.
This large Russian Santa has so much to offer!  There are paintings on the front and back of the cloak;  he also
holds a removable pine tree in one hand and a removable staff in the other.  
15 inch tall Russian Santa also measures 5  7/8  
inches across the base.  Signed by the Russian
artist.  Price:  $589.
Truly a work of art!  This 15 inch tall Russian Santa has paintings in a circular pattern all around the
cloak.  You can see one complete picture, or painting, that spans the entire cloak.  On the front, you see
the inside of the house on Christmas Eve, with two sleepy children under the tree curled up with their
new presents.  In the background, there is a crackling fire to warm up the room on a cold Russian winter
night.  Nearby, Santa has just fallen asleep from all his hard work of delivering toys to the children in
Russia.  He holds a teddy bear in one hand and a puppy sleeps at his feet.  You can see outside the
window at the wonderful view of the night sky with the domes and spires of the cathedral.  It is snowing
outside and very still in the cold.  Up above, two cherubs are gazing wistfully upward.  This
is a treasure with so many features and details!  The Russian artist has signed the base of the
wooden Father frost figure.    
These wonderful Russian lacquer boxes are the perfect gift for the Christmas stocking!  
Each box has a top that opens and is completely hand crafted, with the signature of the
Russian artist on the box.  Each box is hand made of papier mache through a laborious
process that hardens and becomes impervious to cracking or warping over the years.  
Then, a very high gloss lacquer is applied to protect the hand painted scene.  
The Russian lacquer boxes are truly collectibles, and each one is designed and painted
with hundreds of miniscule brush strokes to complete the scene.  Signed by the Russian
artist.  Price:  $109.
Magnificent hand carved RUSSIAN SANTAS with detailed
hand painted scenes on the cloak
sweetly expressive face on this massive and heavy wooden Russian Santa
Massive in girth and weight  RUSSIAN
village girl gathering berries with animals of the forest
very realistic facial features,muted colors so beautiful on this wooden RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS!
paintings all around, the holiday season is display on this cloak by the RUSSIAN artist
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