Russian Santas!   Russian Santas!  These beautiful hand carved
Father Frost figures from Russia are here in stock for 201
Russian Santas are available immediately.  The Russian Santa Claus
pictured below has an enormous sack and a fir tree in his hand.  
There are paintings all around the Santa's cloak.  This Santa also has
a very expressive face and wistful eyes.  He is a very beautiful Santa
These wooden Russian Santas are each so unique and intricately carved from a single solid piece of aged linden wood.  Some of the Santa figures are
colorfully hand painted by the Russian artist and have scenes of the Russian countryside or other typical paintings of Russian life in the villages.  There is
one particular carver who specializes in the very finely detailed and carved
Russian Santas  and these figures are either left in their natural wooden
finish or are stained with brownish hues.  The richly carved Father Frost figures are not widely available and are gaining in popularity among collectors
who want to add this richly hand cut carving to their collection of
Russian Santas.  Each figure is signed by the artist on the bottom of the Santa.  Many
collectors display their Santas throughout the year due to the special beauty of these figures and the value of these Father Frost carvings as works of art
from the craftsmen and artists of Russia.  
delicious Russian foods at the local outdoor market
sample foods from the local Russian markets
Look at the quality of these hand crafted Russian Santas!  Each
one is meticulously carved with tiny cuts done by special tools
and then stained or painted (or left as natural wood)  entirely by
hand by Russian artisans.   The Santas are carved from a single
piece of solid, aged linden wood from Russia.   Each Santa
represents painstaking work and attention to detail.
The decorating ideas are limitless with these beautifully hand carved and hand painted Russian Santas.  With just a bit of
holly,  cranberries, or other evergreen branches you can create a masterpiece display!
The Russian Santas with paintings all around the cloak in a circular pattern are much more
difficult for the artist to paint.
Santas for Sale
fabulous hand painted Russian Santa Claus with paintings all around the cloak and  the sack                                   sack
view of back of sack and back of cloak with all hand-painted scenes
This Russian Santa Claus is for sale
right now on page 25!
Russian pickled food and other delicious delicacies at the open
markets in Russia - wow, would you like a taste?
RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS holding bird in one hand and staff in the other hand, girl in window looking outside in hand painted scene on cloak
CLAUS holds a bird in one hand
and a staff in the other hand.  The
girl looking out the window on
the front of the cloak is very
beautiful.  FOR SALE PAGE 23