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RUSSIAN SANTAS -- this hand carved Russian Santa is very
finely crafted and is artfully created with finely hand painted
pictures on front of the cloak.   All Russian Santas displayed are
skillfully hand carved with enchanting pictures on the Father
Frost figure.
smiling, benevolent face with such a sweet expression carved and painted by the Russian artisans
wonderfully hand carved and hand painted wooden Russian Santa Claus!
Imagine pancakes filled with caviar and fresh cream?   Can you visualize this -- the Russians have this unique holiday to celebrate the end of
winter and to welcome the arrival of spring.  This originally pagan holiday bids farewell to winter and was a time for hoping that the upcoming
season for growing crops would be bountiful.  Now, with modern times, this holiday is still celebrated and coincides with the Lenten season.  It
begins on the last week before Lent.  There were originally seven days of Butter Week, with one different and varied celebration for each of the
seven days.  These celebrations ranged from sons-in-law visiting their mothers-in-law to eat pancakes, to sledding and festivities with friends and
family.  Nowadays, some of the old traditions are being renewed for this celebration called Maslenitsa.       
This 12 inch tall Russian Santa has a hand painted scene from the
Russian countryside.  The mystical buck stands on top of the house of
the villager.  It is a very cold day outside and it will be a long, hard
winter.  Life in the countryside can be difficult in the winter months,
with much snow and freezing temperatures.  
Authentic wooden Russian Santa!  12 inches tall to top of sack,
price:  $649.  Signed by the Russian artist
Decorating ideas for the holiday season!  You can combine so many different items
and elements into your seasonal displays using the
Russian Santas.  Simple glass
pine cone ornaments, a branch of cranberries or holly, little wrapped gifts, a nesting doll
and a Victorian plaque all were grouped together for this holiday decorating idea.  Each
hand carved and hand painted Russian Santa becomes the focal point of the display as
he is surrounded by other holiday ornaments and seasonal items for the holidays.
Russian Santa as focal point in holiday display
Russian Santa, nesting dolls, and ornaments create a wonderful holiday arrangement.  
The carver has created a masterpiece work of art.
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tall Russian Santa Claus hand carved figure
whimsical Father Frost painting on back of cloak of RUSSIAN SANTA
with paintings all around, front
and back of cloak.
Beautiful, expressive face.  Very
impressive collector's piece.
Price:  $1521..
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