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Russian Santa with other holiday decorations
Fabulous Russian Santas!  All carved from linden wood, by hand by master carvers in Russia.  You can use
the Russian Santas in so many different ways for decorating for the holidays for 201
The carvers outside of the
Moscow region mostly live
in and around the area of
Sergiev Posad.  They may
have small workshops
where they dry the large
pieces of linden wood for
two years.  The wood must
be of the perfect condition
before it can be carved into
a Santa figure.  The wood
must also be of a single
piece, so many of the
original pieces are quite
large and heavy for the
carver to work with using
his special carving tools.
This very, very large RUSSIAN SANTA has a red cap and red mittens.
bag with hand painted pictures on it.  
The Santa's beard is pure white and flowing almost down to his waist with a unique curlique at the end
of the beard (corkscrew!).  
He is surrounded by the nesting dolls that are the very icon of Russian collectibles.  This is the best of
very large Santa with oversized sack and corkscrew beard to his waist
The brand new Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia was designed by a Canadian architect.  With walls of Italian
onyx,  the new Mariinsky does not, however, have ornate gold decorations as the original Mariinsky.   It is one of the most
costly buildings ever constructed for a cultural project.  This Mariinsky Petersburg.  It is situated beside the original
Mariinsky Theatre constructed in the newest showpiece of St. Petersburg, highlighting the city's importance as an
international music scene.  The theatre is 80,000 sq. ft. inside with glass and metal walkways and glittering Swarovski
lights  overlooking a canal.  After 10 years of development for the Mariinsky II, this marvel of ,modern architecture will be
seen to propel St. Petersburg into the forefront of being a cultural capital for the arts.  The 2000 seat theatre is connected by
a walking bridge to the original 1860 Mariinsky Theatre over the canal.  
Russian fairy tales - in the forest
Russian lacquer box (above)
Price:  $159.
smiling face on this Russian Santa Claus with sack and finely hand painted scenes
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Santa on
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Ideas for decorating with Russian Santas can be seen in the photo
above.  These beautiful hand carved figures make great
centerpieces of any room.
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stunning RUSSIAN SANTA with staff and bird, richly ornate hand painted cloak
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