varieties of hand made nesting dolls
beautifully hand crafted Russian lacquer boxes
This traditional Russian Santa will be a favorite for
children and adults at the holidays!  
Available in stock right now on page 37
All nesting dolls have the highly lacquered, polished finish except for the
Santa which has a matte finish.  There are beautiful hand painted scenes
on the Matryushka dolls.  
hand-painted RUSSIAN lacquer boxes
available and in stock now for the
holiday season 201
9/2020!  They are
exquisite!  Please email me if interested.
The wood-carvers of these
magnificent Russian Santas have very
difficult work!  I have watched them
carving, and it is time-consuming and
very delicate work to get the facial
features and all the other details of the
Father Frost figure.  The Russian
artists then take over and make the
figure come to life!
2 piece set of bear with Russian Santa Claus, lantern in Santa's hand
beautiful hand painted winter scene on back of cloak