wooden Russian spinner toys
hand carved wooden toys from RUSSIA
children's toys from Russia
Russian wooden hand made toys carved out of real wood!   These toys have been made in this
traditional manner for hundreds of years for the entertainment of children and adults alike.  In the
village of Bogorodsky, the woodcarvers still  create these whimsical toys which can appear
mechanical through the use of the string and the weighted ball.  The user simply moves the toy
in a circular motion which activates the weighted ball to move the parts of the toy so that it
performs an action su
ch as beating drums, etc.
The Russian Santa pictured here is all carved by hand by one of the master carvers in
the Sergiev Posad area where all the woodcarvers and toymakers live and work.  Notice
the details in the features of the face on this Russian Santa.  This Santa has  a merry
expression on his face and has very expressive eyes.  The hand painted scene of the little
children and the Santa under the tree are very enchanting!.
On the Russian holidays of Christmas and New Years, , the Russians eat many pickled vegetables that may come from their own gardens or they may have
done the pickling themselves from market vegetables.  Many Russian spend the holidays at home together with friends and family, gathered around a table
full of wonderful foods and drinks for a simple or sumptuous feast!
Russian Santas for
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Neighborhood black bears eating at bird feeder on my street.
Russian Santa with Santa by Christmas tree and children getting gifts
finely hand painted scene on the front of the cloak of this carved wooden Santa
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This Russian Santa has a wonderful and large
cowl on his cloak and a flowing snow-white beard.  
He holds a staff in one hand and a sack in his
other hand.  This carving is very precious!