Santas for Sale #52
THREE RUSSIAN SANTAS for 2019/2020 available for sale!  The first
Father Frost is very, very large and tall with troikas on the front of the
long cloak.  The middle Russian Santa is beautifully hand painted and
hand carved.  This Father Frost is riding a polar bear and carrying a fir
tree!   The third Santa has a very sweet expression and carries a large
lantern to light the way on a winter's night.
large and tall Russian Santa with troikas on cloak
So many Russian troikas on the cloak and a village scene in the winter on a
snowy day.
For sale!  
17 1/4
inches tall,
What do you think of this Russian Father Frost on the
polar bear and carrying a large fir tree?  Very intricate
carving, beautiful, expressive face, bright colors for cloak.
hand painted nesting dolls with 7 piece sets
NESTING DOLLS - 7 piece sets for each.  Each doll has the floral
designs on it.  Price:  $45. for any of the dolls pictured.  Sizes range
from 8 - 8 1/2 inches high
Nesting doll,
far left, red
Nesting doll,
2nd from left,
Nesting doll,
2nd from
right, red and
doll, far
right, aqua
blue color
very sweet Russian Santa with sack over his back and paintings on sack and and front of cloak
This very finely hand carved Russian Santa can be
seen on
page 22, for sale right now and available
in stock!
merry Russian Santa Claus with children in sled - paintings on both sides of the cloak
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