Santas for Sale #56
holiday Russian lacquer box with Father Frost
Russian Santa with winter scene at sunset
Russian Traditions:  Blini, Sushki, mushroom gathering.
If you are a tourist to Russia, you are in luck because
blinis are the Russian equivalent of hamburgers or tacos
for being easy to buy on almost any street corner and for
their uniformly good quality at a low price!
They can be filled with jellies, caviar, cheeses, or almost
anything that you like.  The pancakes can also be called
syrniki when different types of farmer cheeses or "quark"
are added, which gives these pancakes a more tart type
flavor than the blinis.
Sushki are hard and dry but sweet little round bagel type
cookies.  They are boiled in sugar water for their
sweetness.  You can dip them into hot tea to soften for
Russians also love their mushrooms, and on weekends
at the dacha they love to go mushroom hunting in the
forests.  It can become a passion with some folks!
It is very popular to go on mushroom hunts in Russia,
but you must have knowledge and be able to distinguish
the poisonous from the edible ones.   
RUSSIAN SANTAS and holiday themes for Russian lacquer box and nesting
dolls!  All are currently in stock and ready for delivery.
RUSSIAN LACQUER BOX - for sale p. 25
FOR SALE - $429.  Winter landscape, Santa carrying fir tree,
SIZE:  11 1/2 X 6 inches tall
very precious Matryoshka 10 piece set for the collector only
This Matryoshka 10 piece set is for the
serious collector only!  Very precious!
RUSSIAN SANTA with staff and sack, large cowl on his coat
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05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019