Santas for sale #57
Russian Father Frost with hand painted winter scene outside in the snow
Russian Father Frost carrying fir tree
the Russian troika gliding over the winter snow at Christmas
Russian Father Frost and snow maiden on finely hand painted Russian lacquer box
Two fabulously hand carved, hand painted
RUSSIAN SANTAS!  Available now!
Russian lacquer box - 7  1/2 X 1  3/8 inches scalloped shape with Russian troika
gliding through the snow.  Signed by the Russian artist.  Hand made, hand painted.
Very high lacquer sheen.  Price:  $149.
RUSSIAN LACQUER BOX with scene of Father Frost and the
snow maiden!   Just in time for the holiday season!  Available
now for sale. Price: $159.  
RUSSIAN SANTA with Father Frost
figure on the front of the cloak,
lantern in one hand and walking
stick in the other hand. Price:  $519.
Size:  12 X 5 1/2 inches tall.
This finely hand crafted wooden Russian Santa has a hand
painted scene on the front of the cloak that depicts a wintry
day with a skater getting ready for the ice. Price: $519.
Size:  12 X 5
3/4 inches tall.
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