Russian Santas #58
delicious chocolate hedgehogs from Moscow
The adorable chocolate hedgehogs of MOSCOW!
Very finely hand-painted, hand-crafted RUSSIAN
LACQUER BOX for sale right now!  Price:  $159.
finely hand crafted Russian lacquer box
Santa Claus holding fir tree with painting of ice skater
collector!  Here you see two very beautifully hand
carved figures, each with such an expressive face, and
colorful paintings too.
This Santa Claus is very precious. His beard
is wondrous and so white and flowing.  For
sale on
page 23
Ice skater in painting on front of cloak of this
RUSSIAN SANTA - for sale on
page 57
Precious Russian Santa holding fir tree and staff, with painting of laughing bear in troika
NOTE:  no shipping available from
05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019