Santas for sale #59
cityscape of Moscow in the summer
This hand-carved Russian Santa has the  most enchanting paintings on BOTH sides of
the cloak. If you look at the back of the cloak, you can see the Santa overlooking the
village children below, with their animals outside in the snow.
This Santa also has a very beautiful carved face that is quite expressive.  In his hands, he
holds a fir tree and a large, decorative staff.  This Santa is also very, very large in size!
Cityscape of Christ the Savior Church in MOSCOW.
In Moscow, there are many walking areas, or pedestrian-only zones.  These areas are
fabulous for tourists, because they can be easily explored on your own, with maps or
I especially enjoy the Kamergersky areas, just off Tverskaya ulitsa.  It is very
pedestrian-friendly, with areas for seating and people-watching, too!  The Arbat area
has always been a tourist attraction, with its many shops selling nesting dolls and so
many other Russian souvenirs.  There are also many cafes there that you would
recognize, such as the Hard Rock Cafe, or Shake Shack, and even a Dunkin Donut
Also, the Nikolskaya ulitsa, in back of the St. Basil's Cathedral, is of interest to tourists
for walking tours.
And of course, the best of all is the Red Square for exploring Moscow on your feet.
You can easily visit St. Basil's Cathedral, GUM, Lenin's Tomb, Kazan Cathedral and
then the inside of the Kremlin museums and cathedrals.  The Kremlin could easily take
an entire afternoon, or the whole day to explore all the churches, the Armory with all the
jewels and the Faberge eggs and the Diamond Fund.  What treasures to behold!  I
have been there multiple times now and never feel that I have really seen it all yet.
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magnificent huge and richly hand painted wooden RUSSIAN SANTA
intricately hand painted landscape winter scene of back of cloak of wooden RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS
This magnificent wooden Russian Santa has
been intricately hand-painted by the Russian
artist, on both sides of the cloak.  There is so
much detail in the paintings and the carving!
AVAILABLE --Please email me for pricing