The magnificent Russian Santa is a piece of hand crafted art that will add an exotic flavor to any holiday display or year round
collection of figures.  These Father Frost pieces are painstaking carved by hand with great attention paid to details.   The
dwindling number of master carvers in Russia adds to the value of the pieces.  Each Russian Santa is unique because of the
fact that it is made entirely by hand, from start to finish.  Some of the master carvers begin with a sketch of an idea for a figure,
while others have a feeling for their ideas and just start carving from the single piece of aged linden wood.   There is great
demand for the carvings and as a result, the Russian Santa figures can be more difficult to obtain.  The artists then create their
ideas on the cloaks of the Father Frost figure and may also include paintings on the sack of the
Russian Santa.   The Father
Frost figure almost always has a staff in one hand.  He may or may not have a sack over his shoulder or by his side.  The
Russian Santa also wears a hat or cap that may be flat or peaked.  His beard is white and flowing and may even extend
down past his waist!
beautiful churches,  spires and golden domes
domes on top of churches colorfully painted
Obama Matryushka nesting dolls and other historical figures
domes reaching into the skyline from the tops of churches throughout Russia
Notice the beauty in the painting of the domes on
the top of this church.
Beautiful golden domes and
crosses on the top of this Russian
Obama nesting dolls and other historical
Domes reaching into the skyline from
the tops of churches in Russia
As you travel throughout the countryside and cities of Russia, you can see the domes and spires of the churches.  Many of these are colorfully painted or are golden in
color.  They punctuate the skyline and beckon the religious to these holy houses of worship.  

The craft sellers in each town offer nesting dolls or other hand crafted items.  The
Russian Santa is a wonderful item for collectors.  It is made by hand by the carver and
then the Russian artist.  These richly painted
Russian Santas are often unique and one of a kind items.  
hand painted scene on back of cloak of Russian Santa depicting little Russian boy and girl selling Christmas trees in the snow
scene of Russian winter with two bears sledding very fast down the snow covered hill
all hand painted scene of boy and girl with Christmas trees on back of Russian Santa cloak
Just take a look at this wonderful and whimsical painting of two Russian
bears (famous symbols of Russia!) sledding very fast down the hill in
the country village.  It's a snowy day and you can also see the houses
and the spires of the churches in the background.  Below you can see
the back of the
Russian Santa with another richly painted scene.
This all wood hand carved Russian Santa stands 12 inches tall and has
a removable staff in his hand.  The details on the hat and sleeves of the
Father Frost figure are also meticulously painted by hand.  The face of
Russian Santa Claus is beautifully carved and is realistic in the
facial features and skin tones.  Signed by the Russian artist.  Price:  
The Russian artist has painted a scene all around this
Santa in a circular pattern that is very difficult to do.
You will delight year-round in the finely hand painted scenes on the front and back of
Russian Santa made from linden wood.  The Father Frost has a wonderful,
smiling face with bright and merry eyes.
The Russian artist has paid as much attention to detail on the back of the
cloak of the
Father Frost as she has with the scene on the front.  The
children are painted in traditional village clothing.  The spectacular church
in the background has beautifully colored spires and domes.   
The Russian children of the village are shown here with their Christmas
trees before the celebration of the holidays.  In Russian, New Year's Eve
is a very important holiday that is also as popular as Christmas.  In
previous years, New Year's Eve was even more important and popular
than the Christmas celebration.  Now, traditions are changing and
Christmas is again regaining its importance in Russia with church
celebrations and family gatherings.
wonderful Russian bears having fun on a tobaggan run down the hill
beautiful facial features and realistic skin tones on this finely hand painted wooden Russian Santa
Different perspectives of this beautifully hand painted Russian Santa!  Each of the
Russian Santas will show you the very detailed brush work of the artist and the
finely carved features of the face.
beautifully hand painted pictures of onion domed church and children with fir trees at the holidays
Look at the Russian bear cubs tobogganing down the hill in the Russian village in winter!
fabulous hand carved wooden RUSSIAN SANTA has so many finely painted pictures by the Russian artist
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