Russian Santas For Sale #61
Three very different Russian Santa carvings are presented
on this page.  The first Santa has a beautiful painting of a
troika in the winter and he carries a sack.  His face is very
expressive and beautifully hand carved.  The second Santa
has a wondrous hand carved face and his outstretched arm
holds a lantern up high.  
This Father Frost figure was imaginatively created by the Russian carver!  
The Santa has a very kind face and a beautiful painting of a troika on his
RUSSIAN SANTA holding lantern and staff with painting of wintry landscape
adorable RUSSIAN SANTA holding large lantern in outstretched arm
This absolutely adorable RUSSIAN SANTA holds a
huge lantern in an outstretched arm.  For Sale on
page 29 in stock for immediate delivery
This merry Santa Claus carving is for sale on
page 27
RUSSIAN SANTA with troika in the countryside in the winter
Santa with large cowl on his cloak and hand painted scene of troika
This Santa carving has a finely hand
painted scene of the winter and a
troika .  FOR SALE ON PAGE  45