The Russian Santas pictured on this page are carved entirely by hand by a master carver who first
designs the Santa and then painstakingly carves the form out of a single piece of aged linden wood.  
This linden wood is impervious to cracking and warping and the carved wooden
Russian Santas
should be  valuable additions to any collection.  The
Russian Santa pictured at the top of the page is
really massive in size and weight.  The very popular painted scene of the laughing bear in the troika
has a wonderfully depicted winter night sky with the reds and deep blues of the sunset.  The second
Father Frost shown on this page is one of the most beautiful figures that I have seen!  The Russian
artist has carefully painted a scene in the snowy village with a red cloaked Father Frost and
children.  On the front side of this second Santa, there is a hand painted picture of a girl looking out
the window.   Each
Russian Santa is signed by the artist.   
This fabulous solid wooden piece is all hand crafted by Russian artisans.  First, the carver has skillfully used special tools
to hone the facial features and the details of the cloak.  The artist has then taken over and created extremely detailed and
rich paintings of the Father Frost and children on a winter's day.  This
Russian Santa stands a tall 14 inches and has
paintings all around the cloak.  In addition, this Santa Claus has a basket filled with toys (removable) on his back and a hand
painted scene of two Russian children on the basket.  This is truly a huge and beautiful piece!  The hand painted scenes
can stand alone as a work of art.
stunning and beautiful huge 14 inch tall Russian Santa with paintings on front and back of cloak and on basket on his back
back of cloak of Russian Santa with Father Frost in the snow and basket with children hand painted in winter scene
thousands of brush strokes were completed to paint this picture!
beautiful hand carved and detailed face of wooden Russian Santa
removable wooden toys in the basket of the Russian Santa, including miniature Matryoska doll
snow white hand carved beard and collar of Russian Santa
realistic face hand carved and hand painted of wooden Russian Santa Claus
Russian children hand painted on Santa's basket
Imagine the thousands of brush strokes to paint this complex scene!
You could gaze upon the hand painted scenes on the
front, back and basket of this
Russian Santa and still not
see all the details at once!
removable toys in basket of Russian Santa
Russian Santa with hand painted staff with birds
very beautiful face of hand carved and hand
painted solid linden wood Russian Santa Claus
Pictured on the basket of
the Russian Santa you will
see two sweet Russian
children dressed in the
typical clothing of the
Price of this massive, hand carved and totally hand
painted wooden Russian Santa:  $2675.
Sale # 7
exquistely hand painted and hand carved wooden RUSSIAN SANTAS
Russian Santas!  Russian Santas for 2018 Christmas Season!
Spectacular hand carved, hand painted wooden RUSSIAN SANTAS with colorful paintings and jewel-like designs.
The faces of these Russian Santas are very beautiful and expressive.  Both the carver and the artist have really finely
crafted these Father Frost figures for you.
The larger Father Frost figure above has a cloak that the artist has painted to resemble jewels.  The Santa also holds a
large staff and a bird in his hands.  The second Santa carries a large sack, with jewel-like painting, and a staff in his other
RUSSIAN SANTA with Father Frost painting on front of cloak
This magnificently
hand carved and
hand painted
has a scene on
front of cloak of
Father Frost with
Definitely a piece for the
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