wooden Russian Santa with paintings all around his cloak of winter scene with ice skaters and Father Frost with children and toys
Three children skating on the ice in a small village in the countryside of Russia
This 12 inch tall wooden Russian Santa is truly a masterpiece!   If you look at the quality of the paintings that are all around the Santa's cloak in a circular manner,  
you can see that the talented Russian artist has painted and entire winter scene on this Father Frost figure.  The painted scenes are very detailed and the beauty
of these paintings can be appreciated as a work of art.  Even the sleeves of the cloak of the
Russian Santa have very fine details in the design.  The Russian
wood carver has also created a very fine figure for the
Russian Santa Claus.  Price:  $649.  Signed by the Russian artist
The carved form of this wooden Russian Santa is quite broad and his girth lends itself to the wonderful paintings on the
cloak.  The facial details, the quality of the carving and the paintings all make this a real collector's Russian Santa figure.  The
ice skaters on the back of the Santa's cloak are children from the Russian countryside in the winter season.  Even the staff of
the wooden Russian Santa has a painting on it of a bird.  
The richly painted
colors on the cloak of
wooden Russian
are brilliant and
stand out in contrast to
the white and cold
snowy countryside in
Russia.  The children
are waiting to hear
about their toys from
Santa's list.  Further on
in the scene, children
are skating and
enjoying the outdoors
before Father Frost
delivers the toys
This Russian wood carver has made a very textured and
flowing beard to complement the jolly face and eyes of the
Russian Santa.   
The eager children are
awaiting their toys
from Santa's list!  It is a
very cold day and the
children are waiting
patiently for their toys.  
The sled of Father Frost is full of toys for the holidays.  
The Santa in his bright red cloak must ensure that each
child will get their requested toy!
Getting ready for the holidays -- Christmas 2019 and New Year's 2020---The Russian Santa
with Steiff teddy bears
ideas for holiday decorating with the magnificent Russian Santas
Decorating for the
holidays 201
There are so
many different
ways to display
these wonderful
carvings and
For collectors of Russian Santa figures - trip to St. Petersburg summer 2014
So many wonderful varieties of local honey from the area around St. Petersburg,
Russia and they were giving out free samples to taste.  How delicious the fresh
honey was, and all different types and tastes!
Which honey sample would you try?
Father Frost gives out holiday presents to the children!
Russian children skating on frozen winter pond at Christmas
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