This Russian Santa above is a favorite of many collectors because of the many and varied hand-carved details all over the Russian Santa.  Many collectors of the Russian
enjoy the variances among the different figures as depicted by both the artists and by the master woodcarvers.  A collector may have Russian Santas of various
sizes and stances.  Some of the Father Frost figures are slightly hunched over while still others stand upright or lean on a staff.  There are certain carvers who like to seat
the Santa on an animal, such as a polar bear or a reindeer.  The most popular carving seems to be the Santa with his head slightly tilted, holding a staff and possibly a sack
over his shoulder.  The Russian artist takes over after the carver finishes his creation. The artist breathes life into the carved wooden figure through the finely painted
details in the facial features and the depiction of hand painted scenes on the front and/or back of the cloak.  These amazing
Russian Santas are truly beautiful to behold
and to share with friends and family.
These two hand carved, hand painted Russian Santas are very different in both the carvings and the design by the Russian artist.  The
most impressive part of the first Father Frost figure is the realistic face (both in its carving and painting) and the hand-painted scene on the
back of the cloak.  The detail on this Russian Santa is very finely hand- painted by the Russian artist with the fine red cloak, facial coloring
and picture on the reverse side of the cloak.  The
Russian Santa also carries a staff in one hand.   The Santa's facial expression is demure
and sincere.  His blue eyes gaze out from a finely detailed and carved face.  Signed by the Russian artist.
The second hand carved figure is very detailed by the master woodcarver!  This Russian Santa holds a sack above his head and has a
very merry expression on his face.  His blue eyes are twinkling and very engaging.  This Santa is very large and beautiful!  
The two
Russian Santas
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How would you like to have this impressive 14 inch tall Russian Santa as your
centerpiece for the holidays or to display throughout the year?  The intricate
and detailed hand carvings are amazing to see.  The Russian artist has lightly
painted the face with just enough paint to give the face a realistic look.  The
front, back and all around the Santa have such special carvings that have taken
the master woodcarver many hours and weeks to complete.  
A VERY TALL 14 INCH all natural finish wooden RUSSIAN  SANTA!  
This majestic and merry Father Frost carries a sack up high by his
shoulder.  Price:  $879.
This Russian Santa has a beautiful expression on
his merry face!  His blue eyes twinkle and sparkle.
This spectacular wooden Russian Santa  
has carvings on the front of the cloak and
on the sack.  He wears a large hat and has
a collar and trim on his cloak.  The skin
tones are realistic and lifelike.  The
expression and smile on this face are so
very beautiful to behold!
very beautifully hand-painted Russian Santa with scenes on both sides of the cloak!
This impressively hand painted
wooden Russian Santa has scenes on
both sides of the cloak and is for sale
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This Father Frost figure is very heavy in weight and has such an
exquisite face in both the carving and in the painting.  There are
paintings on both sides of the cloak and on the sack.  This Santa
Claus is for sale on
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