Russian Santas
RUSSIAN SANTAS with beautiful hand painted scenes!  The Russian Santa figure is all hand crafted out of a single piece of
aged linden wood.    This Russian Santas are unique and different for the collector.  The artists painstakingly create the scenes
on the Russian Santa Claus figure.   The faces of the Russian Santa Claus are also carved and painted with great detail.
The Russian Santa, or Ded Moroz as he is called in Russia, is also fondly known as Grandfather Frost.  This Santa Claus
looks like a traditional Father Frost from Russia  with valenki boots and a long coat of red or possibly blue or tan and lined
with fur.  The hat that he wears is usually round in shape and trimmed with fur.  It is not like the pointed hat of the American
Santa Claus.  The Russian Santa is transported by a troika with three horses and is not pulled by reindeer.  He delivers gifts
on New Year's Eve instead of the traditional Christmas Eve.  Christmas in Russia is January 7th and is preceded by New
Year's Eve on the 1st.   The Russians celebrate Christmas and New Years twice, as the religious holiday was again
reinstituted after the fall of the Soviet regime.  There are family gatherings with plentiful amounts of food and drink for the
holidays.  Many Russians also celebrate at the Russian Orthodox churches.
All natural finish
Russian Santa
with great detail in the
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three varied and merry Russian Father Frost figures from the master carver
Three merry Russian Santas!  Each wooden Father Frost figure is
so different from the other.  The hand carvings are created by the
master carver who thens lets the Russian artist design the hand
painted scenes to be depicted on the cloak.  Most of the Russian
Santas have painted scenes on only one side of the cloak.  The
circular paintings are much more difficult to paint.
cranberry wreath encircles all natural linden wood Russian Santa
Decorating ideas for the holidays or any time of the year!  You can create
seasonal displays using wreaths, other collectibles such as the Steiff bears and
various memorabilia that make a focal point in a room.  Each Russian Santa is
a unique creation with the very detailed and realistic facial features and hand
painted scenes on the cloak.
This all natural linden wood Russian Santa must be carefully planned prior to the carving of the
wood.  The piece of wood chosen must be entirely free of any knots or imperfections in order to
create the intricate cuts on the cloak and other areas of the Father Frost figure.  The master carver
spends hours using special carving tools to make these cuts.  The artist lightly paints the facial
features to create the very realistic look on the face.
this RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS carving has a huge sack on his back with a hand painted scene
beautiful RUSSIAN SANTA with smiling face and expressive eyes has winter scene on front of cloak
This beautiful Russian Santa with the smiling face and expressive eyes has a fir
tree in one hand and a walking stick in his other hand.  The scene on the front of the
cloak takes place in the winter in the Russian countryside.  This magnificent
RUSSIAN SANTA can be found
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This very sweet RUSSIAN SANTA CLAUS carving has an enormous sack on
his back!  There are hand painted winter scenes on both sides of the cloak
and on the sack.  
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