Showcase 2
beautiful Russian Santa figures with painted scenes on both sides
Three hand painted Russian Santas
Russian Santa group photos
many different types of Russian Santas
Different types and sizes of Russian Santas
large and small Russian Santas
Russian Santa figures with paintings
Wonderful large hand crafted Russian Santa
Side view of Russian Santa with basket
tall Russian Santa with Christmas scene
Russian Santa with angels on back
large Russian Santa with backpack
side view of Russian Santa with backpack
closeup of large Russian Santa
Russian Santa holding tree
Intricately hand carved Russian Santa figures.  These Russian Santas are all handcrafted by a master carver outside of
Sergiev Posad in Russia.  The master carver uses a single piece of linden wood which is aged for approximately two years.  
Look at the flowing beards and beautiful faces on these two large
Russian Santa figures.  The staff that the Russian Santa
holds in his hand is also painted with great detail by the Russian artist.  Both Russian Santas have painting all around;  on the
back of the cloak of the
Russian Santa the artist has also painted a beautiful scene.  
Russian Santas --paintings on both front and
back of each Santa.  Spectacular pieces!
Available for special order.  
Russian Santa group photos
Russian Santas of different sizes
Three hand painted Russian Santas
Angels on back of
Russian Santa cloak
Large Russian Santa with backpack
Russian Santa holding tree and decorated sack
by his side.
Closeup of face of carved Russian
Group of Russian Santas with hand painted scenes
Each of these Russian Santa figures
that you see is individually hand
crafted in Russia.  You will not find
two that are exactly alike; the master
carver works on each form to create a
unique work of art.  The Russian
painter then makes a plan to draw a
scene on the cloak of the
.  Many artists only paint a
scene on the front of the cloak.  Yet
some artists will paint scenes on both
sides of the cloak.  The artist works
very carefully and in great detail.  
Some artists use glitter or other
materials that look like jewels or
semi-precious stones in their paintings
on the Russian Santa.
Three very different Russian Santas with beautifully hand painted scenes on the cloaks of two of the Santas and with intricate carvings on one of the Santas
This fabulous and huge solid wood Russian Santa carries a very large and magnificently hand carved samovar.  He also is
carrying breads of the region to the marketplace.  On the front of his wide cloak, you can see a hand painted scene of the villagers
in the winter with their samovars, dispensing the hot tea to the cold bystanders.   
Three wonderfully designed, carved and hand painted Russian Santas!  Each one reflects the creativity of the master
carver and then the artist who paints the very detailed scenes on the Santa forms.  The very tall and masterfully hand
crafted Russian Santa on the far right displays intricate details in every piece of the entire carving.  From the top of the hat
to the front and back of the entire cloak, this Father Frost figure is covered in every possible nook and cranny of the
carving!  The other two finely carved and hand painted
Russia Santas  are beautifully created by both master carver and
artist.  The facial expressions of all three Santa Claus figures are each individually hand created and then painted to
become life-like.