Showcase 3
close-up of expressive face of Russian Santa
Russian Santa with hand carved squirrel on staff
detailed view of reverse side of Father Frost cloak
another example of beautiful painting of back of Santa's cloak
close-up of domes of churches on back of cloak
Diversity in carving of Russian Santa figures
Faces and forms of wooden Russian Santas
Six different Russian Santas and Russian lacquered boxes
Short, tall or stout hand carved Russian Santa
Various Russian Santa figures with paintings on cloaks
Four different types of Russian Santas
Russian Santas with lanterns and painted sacks
Trio of hand carved wooden Russian Santas
Painted sacks of Father Frost
Matryoska dolls with scenes of Russian countryside
Bogorodsky Village wooden toy
seal of authenticity from Bogorodsky Village
musical bear hand carved wooden toy
wooden toy from Bogorodsky Village
Collectors of exquisite hand carved Russian Santas always look at the details in the carving of the face:  the eyes, nose,
mouth and beard. You can notice the realistic looking faces of the
Russian Santa in the photos below.  Imagine the skill of the
master carver when he is forming the features of the
Russian Santa!  Most of the Russian artists paint the eyes of the
Russian Santa blue, although there are a few who paint the Father Frost figure with brown eyes.  Notice other details in the
Russian Santas below:  the hand carved squirrel on the top of the staff, the sack of the
Russian Santa hoisted above his
shoulder and the beautiful painting on the sack, the finely painted details on the mittens and the cloak.  Most Russian artists do
not paint pictures on the back of the
Russian Santa;  it is not customary to do this in Russia.  It is usually by special request
that these paintings are added to the back of the cloak of the  hand carved wooden
Russian Santa.  
In this photo you can see a
close-up of the very
expressive face of the hand
carved Russian Santa.  Notice
the details on the sack and the
The top of the staff of the
wooden Russian Santa has
a hand carved squirrel.  
Four different styles of
Russian Santas.  Each face is
carved to be very realistic
and life-like in the facial
Beautiful, close-up detail of
the domes of the churches
on the back of the cloak of
the Russian Santa.
One example of a very
detailed painting on the back
of the cloak and sack of the
Russian Santa.
A second example of a
richly detailed painting on the
reverse side of the cloak of
the Father Frost figure.
Notice the diversity in the carvings of
these wooden
Russian Santas!
Faces and forms of many different types of
Russian Santas.
Six different Russian Santas and two
Russian  lacquered boxes.
Short, tall or stout Russian Santas!
Russian Santas for your viewing!
Russian Santas with lanterns and painted sacks.
Painted sacks of Father Frost.
Trio of hand carved wooden Russian
Scene of Russian countryside  painted on
Matryoska dolls (set of 5-- Available)
Hand carved wooden mechanical toys
from Bogorodsky Village.  Close-up of
seal of authenticity  (Available - one
The finely carved wooden Russian Santa will be a treasured artwork for many, many years.  The single piece of aged
linden wood and the hand painting of the
Russian Santa become the focal point of any display.  Made entirely of solid
carved by hand and can take weeks or months to complete by the master carver.  The Russian painter is equally hard
working for these pieces of art.  The painter may create a design that has to be painted in a circular pattern all around
Russian Santa, or most times the painter creates designs mainly for the front of the wooden Russian Santa's
cloak.   Typical scenes include the Russian countryside in winter, troikas,
Russian Father Frost and snowmaiden, or
other winter scenes.